Monday, November 14, 2011

LOVE LETTER inspired make up tutorial

Another Blogpost before my lecturer comes in to classroom ;) !

so i was inspired by this korean drama i watched long time ago, it is kind of old but if you guys were a kdrama fan since 6th grade you might be familiar to this drama its called " endless love" starring song hae gyo, wonbin , and seong seung hun (idk whether i spelled his english alphabet name right , if i don't forgive me >.< ) it is such a sad drama i still have to pulled a tissue box  whenever i watch this episode back to back. TRUST ME IT'S SO SAD.

okay, now back to the tutorial. I wanted to do a look for people who are in love and who wants to confess to their loved ones or crush. :) so this goes out to all you girls out there !

the look is mainly focused on the soft eyeshadow to portray the innocent & feminime image at the same time it is supported by the droopy eye look. i thought this combination look will be really suitable for the theme of the tutorial today.

SO, without further due i hope you guys enjoy this tutorial !~ 


-lioele water drop bb
-bavphat spot liquid concealer
-lioele volume cookie pact no 21
-maybelline eye studio 24 hour lasting gel liner in black
-majolica majorca jewelling eyes eyeshadow paletter in brown
-VOV castledew single eyeshadow in muse pink
-rimmel glam eyes lash flirt mascara
-MAC mineralized blush in dainty
-MAC venomous villain lipgloss

Lioele products were sent by lilies shop

5% discount code : Sunny

I have an upcoming bb cream review for you guys I'll do my best to do a comparison review as well in it and also try ot be more comprehensive in the future. i hope you look forward to it! ^__^
and also since I already done the confession make up video, should I do the break up make up video too? XD

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