Saturday, October 22, 2011


Hello girlies!

I've been feeling guilty for not being able to post anything on my blog sorry for being missing for too long
i just realised trying to maintain 3 things at the same time its not as easy as i thought. But i will try to be more active on blogging hopefully i'll try to blog consistantly from now on.
I have many tutorial i havent posted on this blog i promise you i will get back on that soon.but meanwhile~!

I have latest tutorial to share with you guys today and it's the SNSD THE BOYS MV INSPIRED LOOK TODAY!
who's excited for the girls come back?*raise your hand!* trust me i was so excited too. especially tiffany cos i've been her fan for quite sometime now. been loving her style ever since "factory girl".

so here are the pictures first :

Now the tutorial:


Products i used:

-lioele water drop bb
-spot liquid concealer by baviphat
-lioele volume cookie pact no 21
-laneige liquid liner
-dejavu fiberwig mascara
-majolica majorca jewelling eyes in brown
-stick eyeshadow in white from baviphat

Lioele products were sponsored by lilies shop
5% disc code: Sunny

additional side note: i am not TRYING to be tiffany or WANTING to look like her
this is purely inspired look on how to achieve make up like her based from the the boys music video

I hope you guys find the tutorial helpful, 
if any question regarding the tutorial pls dont hesitate to drop a comment :)
would love to read feedback from you guys <3


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