Sunday, October 30, 2011

Eyecandylens Review: Macaron aqua blue

Hello lovelies bunnies,

it is a sunny day here in Indonesia, i am in such a great mood today. (eventhough i was late for my morning class cos i couldn't hear my alarm) but still everything is going very smoothly now, i hope you all are doing fine :).
So, i have a circle lens review for you guys today. These gorgeous pair of blue lenses and rohto lychee eyedrop were sent to me by eyecandylens , and they contacted me 2 weeks ago and asked whether i could review lenses from their online shop. i was so excited after i checked their website out they carries RANGES of circle lenses there. it is very neatly organized, and classified into colours, style and brand. how cool is that?
you can choose many types of blue circle lenses m or other colours.

I wanted something abit different this time, so i picked this macaroon shimmer blue circle lenses cos when i saw this, immeadiately reminded me of my junior high school days where i only wanted to wear blue contacts. the reason why i loved wearing blue contacts back then was because it brings out my complexion and makes my skin look alot paler than usual. <3

i always love dollfie *japanese jointed ball doll* and always love japanese porcelain doll with jet black hair and blue eyes. so everytime i wear blue contacts it reminds me of it. :D

                                                         so this is what eyecandylens sent me  <3

anyways enought from the rambling, lets move on to the review:


the colour i would say they are more vibrant and on the colour contacts side. because as we all know circle lenses carries more subtle looking design compared to colour lenses. the colour is more on the saphire marine blue colour.


the design follows more on the standard color blue lenses. but, however what makes this one look alot different than others is that it has a golden flake on the inner ring. thisgive an illusion that you have a honey brown iris. isnt that pretty?


To be honest, im the type of person if i like one brand i would be loyal til the end. but recently i have encourage myself to try out other brand and be more adventurous. I was abit skeptical that the comfort might not be as good as geo, but after i tried them on i was wrong. i started to think, "how come these lenses are not popular?" they are as comfortable as geo, i dont feel any dryness up to 4 hours. which is good for people who want to wear it to uni or to work.
so for comfort i would give this 4.5/5

additional information:

just like any other korean circle lenses macaroon has 1 year life span.
diameter: 14.5 mm
water content: 38%

they also sent me this card to write down when you open your lenses and when it expire to keep you on track to get another one before it expires. HOW COOL IS THAT? i am very strict when it comes to my circle lenses and i always write them down on my small circle lens note. just to know which one is expiring soon. so this card does come in handy..seriously, impressed.

also for those of you who wants to buy a circle lenses and try them on for the first time they include the instuction paper on how to open the lens bottle, how to know when the lenses are upside down and etc.

2 words for this online shop:

organized and very customer friendly.

Rohto Lychee :

okay, this eyedrop first of all is the CUTEST eyedrop EVER. look at the packaging guys. so pretty *__*
and it is as good as it looks. suitable for people who wear contact lenses to school and to work for long hours infront of computer. this will be the eyedrop you might want to carry around with you. it gives a very refreshing minty feeling on your eyes (not in a stinging minty way, but refreshing way).
i used this couple of times, and I LOVE IT. though the only down side of it is it is more on the pricy side of eye drop but it is worth every penny.

so if you are wondering to get a new eye drop, i highly recommend this.

So thats all for my review, i hope you guys find this review helpful.
if you have any question please dont hesitate to ask ;) i dont bite.
i will do a tutorial wearing these lenses , super excited cos its pretty bold <3 ^__^ provided me a discount code for you all if you want to purchase a pair of lenses from them

5% Disc code: sunnydahye

dont forget to check this awesome website out guys, highly recommended

love you all bunnies!



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  2. agree, it's super hot here in Indonesia >.<
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  3. @djawsniper thank you hun :D

    @rindodo aw thank you hun im occupied with youtube >.< will try to post more blogpost in the future. im going to go back to my parents house tonight so will be celebrating at home super excited hope you have a wonderful new year! <3

  4. Hi i want to ask what brand eyelid tape you use, is there one you suggest that stays on ? :) Thanks !