Monday, May 2, 2011


hi girls,

i just reached 100 followers on my blog few yesterday and also just reached 900 subscriber on youtube !
wow thank you so much, i always post on twitter whenever i reach amount of number on youtube, but i haven't actually posted anything about my blog.

i just want to take a time and thank you everyone of you who follow my blog ,to take your time for reading my messy english writting, will try better next time ^_^

now that i have reached 100 i just want to share with you guys what i have been up to, since some of you actually asked me to update on my law studies, so here it is, my daily everyday face without make up and additional pictures >.< blame it on the law books, and assignments.

Last night while doing my paper assignment

Ton's of reading materials and look at my messy notes!

see? even i want to cry reading my own notes >.<

the next day.....on the way to campus with my friend
less sleep cause you a bloated face...O.o

nyeh i hate my bloated face XD 

hope you enjoy this post, 

thank you so much for the 100 follower <3 you guys are the best 




  1. Congrats Sunny on the followers and good luck in your law studies! ^^

  2. grats! you look abit like jihyun from 4minute!

  3. Congrats on the subbies :) and the hair color looks awesome!! I'm thinking of coloring my hair a bit darker than that!! :D

  4. congrats on the subbies and becoming a youtube partner!!! :D btw, what circle lenses are you wearing in the last pics? ^^