Tuesday, May 31, 2011

SPONSORED REVIEW : Lioele volume cookie pact, lioele marbling blusher,lioele artist auto eyebrow, and silver key necklace

Hi lovelies,
today's blog post is going to be lioele products review sponsored by Lilies Shop , and i know the video has been up there on my channel for 5 days now, i am so sorry for being slacking off from blogging i just had tons of assignments and papers piling up on my table and it was just so stressful.
what lilies shop sent me:

- Lioele volume cookie pact
-Lioele marbling blusher
-Lioele artis auto eyebrow
-silver key necklace from their website.

it took me abit longer than usual because i just want to try them out abit longer and tell you guys what i think about it. i have the feeling some of them are going to be included on my june favourites for next month, cos i have been constanly using it NON-STOP!

okay enough from my ramble, lets move on to the review


i have to be honest with you guys i used to be very skeptical when it comes to products that have really great packaging, because many of other brand cute packaging i tried tend to disappoint me with their quality.
BUT! Lioele has always prove me wrong , they have the cutest packaging ever, and their quality is just great.
i thought pact wont be as good as other powder i tried. but this one is actually really good. i have been wearing this almost everyday now. what i like about this pact is that it works as a powder and it also works as a twin cake. it also have an spf 25 in it which is really good. in the beginning when i swatched it it looked abit white, but as soon as i use my powder brush, it just blends in very well on my skin, very translucent.

if you are in a shade lighter from nc 25  i highly suggest you guys to try out #21 nude beige.

the pact lasted on me pretty good, i would say their lasting power on my face is pretty descent.

the packaging is just gorgeous, it has a crystal on the top of the lioele cinderella carriage and the details on the packaging is a thumbs up!
it look really like a high end packaging for a reasonable price, i love it.


the packaging of volume cookie pact and marbling blusher are exactly the same. so dont expect them to be more fancier. ( it's already so fancy what more do you want?? lol)

from packaging wise, the only thing that separates this blusher and the pact is their color. marbling blusher is in colour pink while the pact is in the colour of silver.

now on to the highlighter, it comes with a free mini blush brush and if i compare it to the blush brush from the physician formula happy booster blush this one is MUCH MORE in a better quality (trust me). you dont have to get another brush to apply this highlighter. the quality of this brush is so soft and even though i have a separate blush brush i dont even bother taking them out from my vanity. i just use this one and it applies everything nicely.

the shimmer on this highlighter i have to say 9/10 i love this highlighter so much, i have been using this alot on my latest tutorial. the shimmer is not showy but not that overwhelmingly white either. but what makes it abit different from my etude house princess jewelry highlighter this one if you swatch it you can see the shimmer glitter on the highlighter i have to say IT'S SUPER GORGEOUS...

other way to use this highlighter:

1. you can use it as a body shimmer

2. you can use it on your lips and then apply sheer lipgloss

3. you can use this as a eyeshadow (on the inner corner of your eyes, if you out of white eyeshadow :P)


to be honest i have only tried the eyebrow pencil all my life. i have tried the automatic one, when i took it out from the box it looked very standard in design but wait a minute wait til you open the liner. they are in a triangle shape, and what it does it makes everything easier for us to draw our brow better. :D

the colour looks very natural, and i love this brow automatic pencil. >.< i think i wont be buying any eyebrow pencil anytime soon, im loving this right now. >.<



okay as some of you guys now i just turned 21 few weeks ago, and eventhough i already own one silver key necklace but i still want to get another one after i saw this necklace design on their website. lilies shop sells not only lioele make up brand, but they also sells circle lenses, wig, accessories, and clothing.

their accesories design are just like the ones that online shop in korea were selling, if you are into kpop drama you have to check their website out! the sells KPOP DRAMA INSPIRED NECKLACE! ^_^

now on to the review

the quality of the necklace is good, they silver is well coated. i love how the details on this necklace they are so pretty, it has a little crystal and mini crown on it and just so pretty.

it would be even better if it is abit shorter, but then again it look good even now wearing this necklace regardless their necklace length

that's all for my review, if you have any questions please drop on the comment bellow

you can purchase these items at:



have a great day everyone! <3

sunny the bunny *being cheesy* >.<


  1. Oh these look so lovely...I am really trying to find an eyebrow liner that isn't too harsh! How is yours? I also have a hard time finding the right shade. I'm a reddish brown....so I'm not sure.

  2. I really love Lioele's product packaging. they are really tempting! XD does the pact give you good coverage? Makasi say.. ^^

  3. @charlene: my eyebrow liner from lioele is so far really good and long lasting, i am nor sure whether they have the lighter shade colour, cos natural brown is the lightest colour they have

    @ika: the pact from lioele doesnt only work as pact but it also work as a finishing powder, which will help to set your foundation. its is more translucent..so yea if you want more coverage one i think you shud try the other pact from lioele :D not this one. i love this one so much, ive been wearing it everyday :D

  4. Dahye! Did you wear the highlighter the last time we met? If so I think it suits you very well! Like you said it gives you just enough glow without being too white. And OMG the packaging is SO cute! Hahaha
    This is why Asian makeup rocks, really. Superb packaging!

  5. @mbak fifi; hi mba fifi <3 <3 yesh! i think i was wearing it a little bit when we met ;) i agree! asian make up packaging is the best...cant resist the cuteness and their quality is also superb ^^