Sunday, May 22, 2011

Collective bday haul part 2 + more pictures

hi kawaiiis,

For my 2nd birthday haul, some of them i purchased it myself, some are gifts and others are sent my lilies shop for me to review,i decided to include them first on my 2nd birthday haul and then i will do a separate review on the products soon. Cos i need to experiment with them first before i tell you guys what i think about it, i just dont want to sound like i know when i dont. >.<

before i show you guys the pictures here are the things that i got on my bday :

-AB mezical double eyelied fibre

-wonder eyelid tape

-Cosmagic  sweet deco cheek blush

-Dollywink Eyeshadow no 01 brown

-Paris Hilton Heiress perfume

-Sun Tzu's The Art of War

- Lioele volume cookie pact

-Lioele marbling blusher

-Lioele artist auto eyebrow

-silver key necklace

WONDER EYELID TAPE & AB MEZICAL FIBER  (both can be purchased on ebay)

i have been watching reviews and tutorial on wonder eyelid tape so quite sometime now, and finally i have decided to get it and see it for myself whether it is as great as people say, will do a comparison review on these 2 and let you guys know which one works on me . :)


I have been waiting to get this blush for so long now, and they are so pretty! *not only in packaging* but they are really pretty in colours. in consist of 2 blush colour and one highlighter which i think it's great cos you dont have to get a separate highlighter. <3 it!


Whatever product tsubasa is modelling for is always so popular among girls in japan, this is one of the product that has been appearing non stop on popteen magazine (famous teen magazine in japan) , i know i have few neutral colour eyeshadows already but i just could not resist on how pretty it look on her eyes. >.< they are super pigmented and has abit shimmer on it which i love. kind of reminds of Anna Sui eyeshadow or single eyeshadow design.


lilies shop sent me few products from lioele and their silver key necklace for me to review. i just couldnt wait to try them out really, cos i have been eye-ing on their marbling blusher for quite sometime and their volume pact cookie. >.< will post the review asap!

PARIS HILTON? *raised one eyebrow*

okay some of you probably know the "famous" miss Paris Hilton already, whether its negative or positive. 
i personally not a big fan of her, and her perfume line. but this one, "Heiress" is so unique in scent ! my friend wore it like 2 months ago, and i was like "omg! whats this smell? it smells so good!" and she told me it was paris hilton heiress perfume.ever since then i wanted to get it, but i kept on buying other stuffs and forgot to save my money to get this. Shanty one of my best friend came the other day and woke me up as if there is a tornado coming or something then she gave me this. :'( so sweet of her i just want to say thank you so much shanty, you shouldnt have spend your money like this to get me a perfume <3 u hun! next time dont spend so much! :*


(lol relax im not going to be in war with anyone, its just a book about strategy of war that has been used by many politician, business men, and military generals) 
i think this book will be really useful for people who are working , going to university, and etc.
building strategy, and how to become more powerful and successful. 
*used to be not my cup of tea for books but after reading it on pdf format it is actually really good!
and thank you so much to my other best friend bella for getting me these. she got me the hard cover one, must be expensive :'( thank you hun! <3 <3

hope you enjoy this haul,

if you have any questions please comment below, and will try to reply asap. :D

for cosmagic blushes, wonder eyelid tape, and other japanese brand(excluding the wonder eyelid tape and ab mezaik double eyelid fibre) i have mentioned up there is

available at: they ship worldwide too ^_^ i am not sponsored by them

but i thought i should let you guys know about this website, they have such a lovely customer service and i will definetaly go back and buy more from them. <3

for the lioele products and the silver key necklace is sent by :

<3 sunny


  1. Argh so jealous of the stuff you've gotten. Lol Been wanting to try Dolly Wink too! I need some more $$$ haha. BUT I do have the Heiress fragrance and I love it too! I'm a person that loves light airy fragrances, not strong and musky.

  2. Hi! it's my 1st time visiting ur blog :D
    btw, nice haul! I want to try dolly wink's item too >.<, tsubasa is soo kawaii~

  3. love your haul ! ^_^ I want to try dolly wink eyeshadow and cosmagic blush too >.<" hehe

  4. hi! are you still doing the review on wonder eyelid tape and ab eyelid fiber?? or have you already done it? i really look forward to it!! i am very interested in purchasing one of them, but i wanted a comparison first.