Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bday package from my dad +more pictures

hi lovelies,

i have an exciting things to show you guys today and it's my advance birthday package from my dad, he was asking me few weeks ago what i want to have for my birthday and he knows very well that i am obsessed with asian make up, so he asked me to send him list on the stuffs i want to get there. So, i only asked him to get me 3 things which are:

-The Etude House Princess collection -Princess Jewelry Finish Pact
-Missha -M Shimmer Wave Blusher
-Tony Moly Luminous Perfume Face Powder


The Etude House Princess Jewelry Finish Pact:

it is super pretty somehow just reminded me of the real pink diamond the packaging is hands down the cutest and prettiest packaging i have ever seen EVER!

Tony Moly Luminous Perfume Face Powder :

as i have mentioned on my video it is not shimmery as i thought it would be, abit disappointing but however after i have tried them several times it does stay very long and gives me very nice soft finish on my face. so i guess this powder is not that disappointing, im going to do a comparison review on this powder and the W control shiny loose pwder from its skin, soon.

now moving on to the Missha M Shimmer Wave blusher, originally the inside of this blush should be looking like this

but when i received them it was really damaged, and thanks to some of my dear subbies who suggested me to try to put alcohol and solidify it, it WORKED! thank you so much, at least it is not as ugly as i got them yesterday ;)  much more clean and i can take it everywhere with me now! thanks again guys! <3

so that's it for my advance bday package from my dad, and i will be going back to my parents house tomorrow. so i wont be updating my blog until 18 of may >.< sorry if im going to be MIA again. will be back with more haul and tutorial.

good night and good morning to theother part of the world!

<3 sunny


  1. OMG!! You are so lucky! loving that Jewerly Finish!! <3

  2. YAY!! im glad to see your blush fixed ^^

  3. Aw, I love Etude House products :) Never been let down by them, heehee. Although I wish I could find some products by them that are only sold in certain countries.

  4. you can purchase it at they have english section and you can order it from there ^_^