Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bday Haul part 1

hi girls,

If you guys follow me on twitter you will know i have been away and back to my parents house to celebrate my birthday. the gifts part was fun, but i was so sick for the half day of my birthday that i skipped my favourite japanese food and just ate light miso soup which was pretty sad cos i waited the whole 4 months to go back and eat in this particular restaurant. :(

i have part one birthday haul for you guys today, and if you watch this video you probably could tell the lighting is just MUCH better than my normal "sucky" dorm lighting.

so i hope you guys enjoy this haul,

part II is coming soon! with more pictures :D



  1. Ooh I have been seeing a lot of girls using the majolica majorca, so I was thinking of getting something by that brand one day. Cute vid! :) And happy birthday! :D

  2. thanks charlene <3 , you should try Majolica majorca out, theyre one of my favourite brand now >.<b nothing bad i could say about it love it!