Tuesday, May 31, 2011

SPONSORED REVIEW : Lioele volume cookie pact, lioele marbling blusher,lioele artist auto eyebrow, and silver key necklace

Hi lovelies,
today's blog post is going to be lioele products review sponsored by Lilies Shop , and i know the video has been up there on my channel for 5 days now, i am so sorry for being slacking off from blogging i just had tons of assignments and papers piling up on my table and it was just so stressful.
what lilies shop sent me:

- Lioele volume cookie pact
-Lioele marbling blusher
-Lioele artis auto eyebrow
-silver key necklace from their website.

it took me abit longer than usual because i just want to try them out abit longer and tell you guys what i think about it. i have the feeling some of them are going to be included on my june favourites for next month, cos i have been constanly using it NON-STOP!

okay enough from my ramble, lets move on to the review


i have to be honest with you guys i used to be very skeptical when it comes to products that have really great packaging, because many of other brand cute packaging i tried tend to disappoint me with their quality.
BUT! Lioele has always prove me wrong , they have the cutest packaging ever, and their quality is just great.
i thought pact wont be as good as other powder i tried. but this one is actually really good. i have been wearing this almost everyday now. what i like about this pact is that it works as a powder and it also works as a twin cake. it also have an spf 25 in it which is really good. in the beginning when i swatched it it looked abit white, but as soon as i use my powder brush, it just blends in very well on my skin, very translucent.

if you are in a shade lighter from nc 25  i highly suggest you guys to try out #21 nude beige.

the pact lasted on me pretty good, i would say their lasting power on my face is pretty descent.

the packaging is just gorgeous, it has a crystal on the top of the lioele cinderella carriage and the details on the packaging is a thumbs up!
it look really like a high end packaging for a reasonable price, i love it.


the packaging of volume cookie pact and marbling blusher are exactly the same. so dont expect them to be more fancier. ( it's already so fancy what more do you want?? lol)

from packaging wise, the only thing that separates this blusher and the pact is their color. marbling blusher is in colour pink while the pact is in the colour of silver.

now on to the highlighter, it comes with a free mini blush brush and if i compare it to the blush brush from the physician formula happy booster blush this one is MUCH MORE in a better quality (trust me). you dont have to get another brush to apply this highlighter. the quality of this brush is so soft and even though i have a separate blush brush i dont even bother taking them out from my vanity. i just use this one and it applies everything nicely.

the shimmer on this highlighter i have to say 9/10 i love this highlighter so much, i have been using this alot on my latest tutorial. the shimmer is not showy but not that overwhelmingly white either. but what makes it abit different from my etude house princess jewelry highlighter this one if you swatch it you can see the shimmer glitter on the highlighter i have to say IT'S SUPER GORGEOUS...

other way to use this highlighter:

1. you can use it as a body shimmer

2. you can use it on your lips and then apply sheer lipgloss

3. you can use this as a eyeshadow (on the inner corner of your eyes, if you out of white eyeshadow :P)


to be honest i have only tried the eyebrow pencil all my life. i have tried the automatic one, when i took it out from the box it looked very standard in design but wait a minute wait til you open the liner. they are in a triangle shape, and what it does it makes everything easier for us to draw our brow better. :D

the colour looks very natural, and i love this brow automatic pencil. >.< i think i wont be buying any eyebrow pencil anytime soon, im loving this right now. >.<



okay as some of you guys now i just turned 21 few weeks ago, and eventhough i already own one silver key necklace but i still want to get another one after i saw this necklace design on their website. lilies shop sells not only lioele make up brand, but they also sells circle lenses, wig, accessories, and clothing.

their accesories design are just like the ones that online shop in korea were selling, if you are into kpop drama you have to check their website out! the sells KPOP DRAMA INSPIRED NECKLACE! ^_^

now on to the review

the quality of the necklace is good, they silver is well coated. i love how the details on this necklace they are so pretty, it has a little crystal and mini crown on it and just so pretty.

it would be even better if it is abit shorter, but then again it look good even now wearing this necklace regardless their necklace length

that's all for my review, if you have any questions please drop on the comment bellow

you can purchase these items at:



have a great day everyone! <3

sunny the bunny *being cheesy* >.<

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Collective bday haul part 2 + more pictures

hi kawaiiis,

For my 2nd birthday haul, some of them i purchased it myself, some are gifts and others are sent my lilies shop for me to review,i decided to include them first on my 2nd birthday haul and then i will do a separate review on the products soon. Cos i need to experiment with them first before i tell you guys what i think about it, i just dont want to sound like i know when i dont. >.<

before i show you guys the pictures here are the things that i got on my bday :

-AB mezical double eyelied fibre

-wonder eyelid tape

-Cosmagic  sweet deco cheek blush

-Dollywink Eyeshadow no 01 brown

-Paris Hilton Heiress perfume

-Sun Tzu's The Art of War

- Lioele volume cookie pact

-Lioele marbling blusher

-Lioele artist auto eyebrow

-silver key necklace

WONDER EYELID TAPE & AB MEZICAL FIBER  (both can be purchased on ebay)

i have been watching reviews and tutorial on wonder eyelid tape so quite sometime now, and finally i have decided to get it and see it for myself whether it is as great as people say, will do a comparison review on these 2 and let you guys know which one works on me . :)


I have been waiting to get this blush for so long now, and they are so pretty! *not only in packaging* but they are really pretty in colours. in consist of 2 blush colour and one highlighter which i think it's great cos you dont have to get a separate highlighter. <3 it!


Whatever product tsubasa is modelling for is always so popular among girls in japan, this is one of the product that has been appearing non stop on popteen magazine (famous teen magazine in japan) , i know i have few neutral colour eyeshadows already but i just could not resist on how pretty it look on her eyes. >.< they are super pigmented and has abit shimmer on it which i love. kind of reminds of Anna Sui eyeshadow or single eyeshadow design.


lilies shop sent me few products from lioele and their silver key necklace for me to review. i just couldnt wait to try them out really, cos i have been eye-ing on their marbling blusher for quite sometime and their volume pact cookie. >.< will post the review asap!

PARIS HILTON? *raised one eyebrow*

okay some of you probably know the "famous" miss Paris Hilton already, whether its negative or positive. 
i personally not a big fan of her, and her perfume line. but this one, "Heiress" is so unique in scent ! my friend wore it like 2 months ago, and i was like "omg! whats this smell? it smells so good!" and she told me it was paris hilton heiress perfume.ever since then i wanted to get it, but i kept on buying other stuffs and forgot to save my money to get this. Shanty one of my best friend came the other day and woke me up as if there is a tornado coming or something then she gave me this. :'( so sweet of her i just want to say thank you so much shanty, you shouldnt have spend your money like this to get me a perfume <3 u hun! next time dont spend so much! :*


(lol relax im not going to be in war with anyone, its just a book about strategy of war that has been used by many politician, business men, and military generals) 
i think this book will be really useful for people who are working , going to university, and etc.
building strategy, and how to become more powerful and successful. 
*used to be not my cup of tea for books but after reading it on pdf format it is actually really good!
and thank you so much to my other best friend bella for getting me these. she got me the hard cover one, must be expensive :'( thank you hun! <3 <3

hope you enjoy this haul,

if you have any questions please comment below, and will try to reply asap. :D

for cosmagic blushes, wonder eyelid tape, and other japanese brand(excluding the wonder eyelid tape and ab mezaik double eyelid fibre) i have mentioned up there is

available at: http://miawlens.blogspot.com they ship worldwide too ^_^ i am not sponsored by them

but i thought i should let you guys know about this website, they have such a lovely customer service and i will definetaly go back and buy more from them. <3

for the lioele products and the silver key necklace is sent by :


<3 sunny

What's in my make up travelling bag

>.< hi girls,

sorry for flooding your blog timeline,

i just wanted to post the video i uploaded yesterday, its "what's in my make up traveling bag" video.
i thought it was fun to do, if you want to do this video too dont forget to message me on youtube ! i would love to watch yours <3


hope you guys enjoy this video, what's in my school bag video is coming up i was about to film the video but my camcorder just died on my like that T.T so annoying im still waiting for it to get fully charge and will film it right away ...

happy sunday <3!


Bday Haul part 1

hi girls,

If you guys follow me on twitter you will know i have been away and back to my parents house to celebrate my birthday. the gifts part was fun, but i was so sick for the half day of my birthday that i skipped my favourite japanese food and just ate light miso soup which was pretty sad cos i waited the whole 4 months to go back and eat in this particular restaurant. :(

i have part one birthday haul for you guys today, and if you watch this video you probably could tell the lighting is just MUCH better than my normal "sucky" dorm lighting.

so i hope you guys enjoy this haul,

part II is coming soon! with more pictures :D


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bday package from my dad +more pictures

hi lovelies,

i have an exciting things to show you guys today and it's my advance birthday package from my dad, he was asking me few weeks ago what i want to have for my birthday and he knows very well that i am obsessed with asian make up, so he asked me to send him list on the stuffs i want to get there. So, i only asked him to get me 3 things which are:

-The Etude House Princess collection -Princess Jewelry Finish Pact
-Missha -M Shimmer Wave Blusher
-Tony Moly Luminous Perfume Face Powder


The Etude House Princess Jewelry Finish Pact:

it is super pretty somehow just reminded me of the real pink diamond the packaging is hands down the cutest and prettiest packaging i have ever seen EVER!

Tony Moly Luminous Perfume Face Powder :

as i have mentioned on my video it is not shimmery as i thought it would be, abit disappointing but however after i have tried them several times it does stay very long and gives me very nice soft finish on my face. so i guess this powder is not that disappointing, im going to do a comparison review on this powder and the W control shiny loose pwder from its skin, soon.

now moving on to the Missha M Shimmer Wave blusher, originally the inside of this blush should be looking like this

but when i received them it was really damaged, and thanks to some of my dear subbies who suggested me to try to put alcohol and solidify it, it WORKED! thank you so much, at least it is not as ugly as i got them yesterday ;)  much more clean and i can take it everywhere with me now! thanks again guys! <3

so that's it for my advance bday package from my dad, and i will be going back to my parents house tomorrow. so i wont be updating my blog until 18 of may >.< sorry if im going to be MIA again. will be back with more haul and tutorial.

good night and good morning to theother part of the world!

<3 sunny

Saturday, May 7, 2011


hi girlies,

finally the long awaited fx pinocchio tutorial is up !^_^


i hope this review is helpful for f(x) and kpop fans out there ^_^ 
note: please do not rip anything from my blog, if you want to use my pictures please contact me first. 

have a nice weekend girls!


Thursday, May 5, 2011


okay okay, this is the last post sorry for flooding your blog timeline everyone,

i just felt like doing lots of review today >.< and i have more package on the way i will do a comparison review on the famous "wonder eyelid tape" and "mezaik double eyelid fibre", and many more so stay tune for that. meanwhile, i have etude house tangerine cream blusher to review today, and since it's going to be summer (for many other parts of the world, cos right now where i live EVERYDAY is summer *sigh*) peach or orangey cheek colour is so "in" right now.

so hopefully this review is helpful for those who are looking for korean brand cream cheek blusher ;)

DISCLAIMER: for this review i am not sponsored i bought this item with my own money, and i am not affiliated with Etude house.

love sunny


finally! no assignments for one day! fyuh! >.<"

so here is my review on lioele help me dark circle concealer:

you can purchase this item at lilies shop , and type: sunny for the discount code and you will get 5% discount on any lioele product that you purchase :D

hope this review is helpful for those who wants to try out a new concealer

love sunny


hi girls, 

i just received my swap package from kim like yesterday or two days ago, and been filming twice and realized the lighting from my HD camcorder was terrible maybe i should just use my normal digital camera for indoor and for outdoor will try to use my HD camcorder instead, T.T i just hate it when you guys couldn't hear me everytime i film with this camera. :(

so here is the video on what kim sent me thank you so much kim !! 


Monday, May 2, 2011


hi girls,

i just reached 100 followers on my blog few yesterday and also just reached 900 subscriber on youtube !
wow thank you so much, i always post on twitter whenever i reach amount of number on youtube, but i haven't actually posted anything about my blog.

i just want to take a time and thank you everyone of you who follow my blog ,to take your time for reading my messy english writting, will try better next time ^_^

now that i have reached 100 i just want to share with you guys what i have been up to, since some of you actually asked me to update on my law studies, so here it is, my daily everyday face without make up and additional pictures >.< blame it on the law books, and assignments.

Last night while doing my paper assignment

Ton's of reading materials and look at my messy notes!

see? even i want to cry reading my own notes >.<

the next day.....on the way to campus with my friend
less sleep cause you a bloated face...O.o

nyeh i hate my bloated face XD 

hope you enjoy this post, 

thank you so much for the 100 follower <3 you guys are the best