Friday, April 29, 2011


hi kawaii cuties XD

i have circle lenses review for you girls,
and this time is actually my long awaited Geo Princess Mimi Series, it has been wore by many japanese gyaru model and i fell in love right away when tsubasa masuwaka wore it~ !
 the colour is so vibrant and makes your skin look slightly lighter. i used to be not a big fan of tone lenses but this one is so different combination of color and circle lenses, isnt it great? for those who are not into circle lenses you can also try out this lenses,but for those of you guys who are into circle lenses already you can try out this one too. geo lens beauty was so nice to send me a pair of mimi series to try out,and their shipping took around 1 week or more to reach where i live, and if you are wondering whether they do the international shipping or not, they do! and their customer service was also great too, the owner was really friendly, i really like their service. once again thank you geo lens beauty for sending me these pretty lenses for review. ^_^

here is my youtube video review:


 on my eyes: 

hope this review is helpful for those who are thinking of whether or not they want to get this lenses, ;)

side note:
for monolids i recommend you guys to wear double eyelid stickers or draw a thicker eyeliner so that the eyes look bigger and stand out, cos without wearing any double eyelid sticker or eyeliner it would look abit too big.
other wise it will look like this==>

notice the difference?
right side needs thicker eyeliner, 
left one i'm already wearing double eyelid tape, this will not make your lenses look too big or overwhelming ;)
just a suggestions for my monolid readers <3 ^_^

thats all for my review<3

have a great weekend girls~




  1. hi! nice review!
    I also just received my Apple Greens a few days ago and I love them but I thought they were more vibrant x)

    whats the dia of your princess mimi lenses (14.5mm or 15.0mm?) because I also bought the almond brown lenses and they came in different bottles!my apple greens are 15.00mm in size and my almond browns are only 14.5mm in size O.o. So I was wondering how big your apple greens are x)


  2. i actually thought it is also 14,7mm or more than 14,5 in the beginning but it is 15 mm, ekimura also said it is 15 mm ^^ i also got a confirmation from my sponsor that its 15 mm, i think almond one is slightly smaller than the normal princess mimi series ^_^ i have a monolid eyes so if i dont wear any double eyelid sticker it looks really big on me XD

  3. thanks for your answer!
    on the site where I bought my Almond browns the size is 14,5mm but I also saw these lens on other sites where the size is 15,0mm...strange O.o

    I saw some people with the apple greens and it looked really creepy on them (because their eyes were too small for these lens.I almost couldn't see any white of the eye anymore!)! You have monolids but your eyes are still big so it still looks good on you!!! ^_^b


  4. aww thank kim ^^ yeah i saw other ppl review too, some of the review i find the lenses are much bigger on their eyes, thats why i was abit worried when i ordered it, but now that it prove me wrong, i am sooo going to get the rest of the colour, its so pretty !i envy you, you already got the almond one >.< i wanted to try that one out too hopefully next month ^^

  5. You are really beautiful, I like your look with the new hair..=)

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