Sunday, April 3, 2011

Random Facts about me

hey girlies,

going to hit 600 subbies soon on youtube and i  rarely post things about myself anymore,

so i decided to come up with few things and pictures about what im doing, and who i am . *sounds weird actually saying this*

1. I'm a law student , i love law as much as i love make up * scratch the law part, im just lying LOL*
people asked me why i chose law, and i always have problem answering them . i sometimes asked myself, "really..why did i choose law?" now i know the answer. "JUSTICE!" nope, thats a typical answer like any other law student. i would say, the reason why i wanted to be a lawyer is to help people who can't afford to go to court for a trial and being blamed at for something they did not do wrong. help people who desperately needs some help, not like those lawyer who loves to look at your bank account pin before they accept you as their client. this is the reason why i want to help people by being a lawyer. we can always choose, there are 2 types of lawyer, like i said lawyer who loves your "bank account/ PIN", and lawyers who loves to genuinely help you.

i know "whats with the post on the last picture" normally when im stressed out 3 days before the competition i tend to take weird pose whenever my teammates trying to take pictures LOL >.<

2. now to the lighter ones, i am NO pasta lover if you give me pasta on my birthday i would be happiest person in the world + cheetos (snacks) ofcourse. ;) i love pasta, dont you guys love them ? >.<

3. i was a NERD when i was still in highschool and junio high. i remmember some of my classmate told me, "dont you ever go out? " "oh im sure your mother wont let you" oh well i dont blame them for being straight forward, but both of my parents were abit strict when i was in school but now i understand why they did that, and for that i love them very much! i think i would do the same thing if im in their position. now that im in university, i feel like its worth it holding on to all the rules and strictness and now you get to enjoy freedom. but dont get me wrong, when i say freedom its not fully PARTY and GOING wild but freedom to hang out with your friends , catching up with them by having dinner and others. to be honest im not a party person, i just dont get a hang out of it. :D

this picture was taken 1 year ago >.< not when i was high school i just couldnt find one right now since im not at my parents house will update you guys with my highschool pictures when im back at home ;)

4. I love collecting movie tickets, the reason is i love sticking them on my scrap book i like to write the review about the movie, who i went out and watch it with and everything. it leaves a good memory when you look back to your scrap book.

i guess that's it for now Random Facts about me ;) i hope you guys enjoy reading this,
thank you so much for stopping by and reading this post.

love ya !

have a great start of the week tomorrow if you're in asia and tomorrow is monday
and if you're in states  have a great weekend ;) .

Sunny<3 <3


  1. omg. You look like a korean actress so pretty!!! Is jealous. :P && yay pasta.

  2. hola you're a korean used to live in Indonesia. That's interesting. Nice to meet you =D

  3. i used to live in korea, :D correction XD im currently living in indonesia. thank you for stopping by dear.

  4. hey sunny.
    i'm starting to follow ur blog now.
    i left a msg for u in youtube... hope u cd reply. thanks! =))