Saturday, April 30, 2011

new hair!

hi guys....,

thank you so much for my those of you who follow my twitter and have been commenting on this post about the hair colour i was thinking of getting, and now i finally dyed my hair! yipeey, my own bday present to myself haha.

but, somehow in the camera it looks very orangey, in natural light it looked much more of a dark blonde, i never thought it would actually come out so light :'( but thats fine im happy to be able to try out lighter colour now.

the hairdresser was really funny, he kept me entertained with his jokes through out the dyeing process, i bleached my hair in the beginning because i coloured my hair black last year, so it wont turned out nicely if i dont bleach them .


after bleaching

now to the colouring

tada! this is actually how it look on indoor lights, somehow off camera it looks much much more brighter 
i will post the out door picture tomorrow XD 

happy bunny >.<

CHUUU <3 <3


what do you guys think?

please comment below ^_^

happy saturday everyone



  1. you look great with that haircolor, its a great summer color i think:)

  2. i think its really pretty :)

  3. Aaaw you look amazing with your new hair sweetie! :D It really suits you!

  4. omg it looks so good on you!

    I also always wanted lighter hair but my hair is so damaged already TT_TT and I'm afraid that it will look ugly on me x(

  5. ur hair colour looks nice! :) I wanted to dye my hair around tt colour last yr but my mom would have murdered me if I did so haha ><

  6. I love your hair color!!~ <3 Looks good on you!~ hihi and your Hello Kitty case!~ <3