Friday, April 29, 2011

Changing hair colour?

annyonghaseyo everyone ^_^

It's going to be may soon! and i just wanted to do a hair make over somehow
and normally when i do this , it's either going to be my bday or im super stressed and i just need a getaway and go to the hair salon. hair salon makes me happy somehow, much more happier than seeing a make up brand on sale on my favourite online shop website. haha.
but its true, it is going to be my birthday next month and im also sort of stressed up right now, so many things going on at the same time, good and bad mixed all together. but mostly bad.

so just decided to change my hair colour going to go to the hair salon in the morning and i have few hair colour that i want to try, please comment below which one i should try on. (btw i have already tried many darker brown colours, so this time im thinking of going brighter and lighter) :

i would love to go EVEN more lighter, but i am dead scared of the lecturers at campus is going to put the "laser" eye on me. you know one of those look "why-the-hell-are-you-studying-law-when-you-are-so-into-makeup-and-dyeing-your-hair?" or
"campus is not a fashionTV!"

i guess i have to play safe , to go semi lighter colour like above. >.< 

omg >.< so which one should i try out?

im going tomorrow and i am still torn between these 3  heeelp!



  1. i like the first one, but the third one is nice too :)