Sunday, March 13, 2011

UPCOMING REVIEWS *sponsored by fuwa fuwa lens*

Now, to the circle lenses that are coming up this month for a review from fuwa fuwa lens

first is the GEO Hurricane Violet

I used to owned the Brown one if you follow me from the very beginning of my blog post, i have posted one picture wearing that lenses i was really happy with the colour it blends in naturally eventhough the pattern looked abit "obvious" from the lens case but after you wear them it look simply stunning. I can't wait to try the violet one, exciting new colour to try on.

next is the Beaucon Jewels Pink

I have been wearing the brown one ever since i got it, i love them so much i ordered the pink one. I got so many compliments from my friends and relatives on how nice they look on me. the pattern and design is also very unique. black circle on the outer line and with colour on the inner circle. i am not a big fan or "obvious-looking" lenses with old design pattern where they have sparks one the inner circle.
My favourite youtube guru and beauty blogger Eki also wear this i can't wait to review them ;)

that's all for the lenses,

love sunny

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