Sunday, March 13, 2011


Hi kawaii girls,

I have been into gyaru and Tsubasa Masuwaka's look for quite sometime now, this month i have decided to get her false eyelashes no.1 and the liquid eyeliner *which everyone's been raving about

i got abit annoyed this afternoon the prices in Indonesia is super expensive, they sell it in sasa for around 11 - 12 dollar usd , and they increased the price for like 20 dollar usd T.T in the online shop.

is there anyone of you guys have sasa in your country? if you do please let me know, we can do a swap ;)

but at the moment i will have to browse more on the internet to find the cheapest one, cos i don't want to lose my money *such a cheap skate  lol *

so stay tuned for the review everyone!

<3 ya!



  1. Dolly wink!~ so kawaii!
    Followed your blog!

    Please check out mine if you have free time~


  2. heya, i know they sell Dollywink products in Singapore's Watsons, but am not sure how much the liquid eyeliner is.. Only know their lashes cost abt SGD 15 (if i nvr rmb wrongly haha)..

    Gak tau kalo Sasa dsini jual Dolly wink ngga ><

  3. i ordered online already thank you for the info ^^
    really? i might have to ask my mom's friend to get it for me XD emang di indo ada sasa ya?