Tuesday, March 29, 2011

top 5 song of the week

hi lovelies,

first of all i changed my background template and it look much better i think, pls comment below if you like the previous one ;)

this top 10 songs of the week are basically pretty much songs that got stucked in my head and some are plain random but some are my favourites too.

1. dal shabet supa dupa diva been stuck with me for almost 4 days now, kpop songs seriously is good when it comes to "hook song" (that's what we call it in korea, songs that could get you hooked into it or simply addicted). these girls are the new girl group of 2011 and this song is their debut song, for a rookie i would say their song is SUPER kawaii! <3 it

2. rebecca black friday cover by stephenie gee, i always like stephenie gee she has one of the most softest and beautiful voice i have ever heard. super talented girl in a such a young age. honestly speaking im not a big fan of rebecca black but her song is surely fun to listen to. and when i saw stephenie gee doing a cover on it i was like super happy and the version is much more nicer i think ;) * im not a rebeca black hater i like both version but since i've been stephenie's fan from the ver beginning i would go with her *

love this song so much that i make it to my weekend anthem lol XD

3. lady gaga born this way been stucked in my head from this morning and i was singing along to it non stop my bestfriend were like , "dude you've been singing to it for almost half an hour already" i was laughing when she said that, i guess shes tired of me singing non stop right next to her, but who hates this song anyway? love the lyrics and the song very much <3


4.WaT love story

i have been "still" crazy about iryu after season 2 (currently downloading the 3rd one) and koike teppei is so talented , he could act, and sing very well in my opinion and ofcourse could not resist for the fact that he is super cute! >_< *you can throw a rock at me for saying that but i still love this guy hihi*

5.G-na black and white
honestly i only like the chorous the rest ..not that much stand out to me in my opinion once again.

anyways that's all for my top 5 songs of the week hope you enjoy this song as much as i do

love sunny

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