Sunday, March 6, 2011

sunny is back!

hi girls!

i know i promised 4 days away but i turned out spending more than that :( sorry .
now i am finally back in indonesia, and i have UPCOMING reviews to announce to you beautifuls ;)
i am going to get either the dolly wink eyeliner or the dolly wink false eyelashes number 1. i know their lower lashes is as expensive as their upper lashes so i got the lower one from etude house.
cos i just could not see myself spending so much money on just lower lashes, i think its just ridiculous.

some people would just buy it, but what to do? i'm a college student :(

my days been great i had a great time in bali, for 3 days and now im back in jogjakarta. ;)

will do my reviews asap

love ya! <3

sunny bunny

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  1. yay! Sorry to ask this but could you look at my blog? I'm doing beauty/music reviews and I was wondering if you could give me some feed back! Sorry I don't know if I should ask this here, feel free to delete this comment if you don't want it here.