Thursday, March 17, 2011



thank you for stopping by girls,

gotta go to class now love ya,

stay kawaii <3



  1. youre hair was totally gorgeous in this vid >.<
    wonder what hair product did u use?

  2. thank you yurina <3 ^^
    im not using any product actually only dove shampoo and conditioner, but when i curl my hair i use my shiseido ma cherie curl set lotion it makes my hair really shiny and holds my curls really well >.<

  3. too bad most of hair product in drugstore makes my scalp itchy :( now i'm just use baby shampoo instead.
    if i'm not wrong, ur hair color is dark brown right? did u had dye your hair or that's just ur natural hair color?

  4. Hi Unnie^^
    Have been watching your videos a few months back, so in love with them! I'm from Singapore and kinda into the korean wave x) Can you please do a vlog on the nice places to shop in Korea? ^^
    Are you in Indonesia now? So you left SM academy? Pardon me for asking so many questions>< I have a tiny dream like you to become an artiste in Korea, so the first video that I watched of yours is actually the one where you talked about your experience at SM Academy. Actually I got into the korean wave due to the influence of some of my friends who are super obsessed over KPOP. And when I get to know about it, I fell in love with suju <3 >< And started to find out more about Korea and stuff. And I want to learn Hangul so badly!><
    Nevertheless, I really like your vids and reviews!^^

    All the best and take care^^

  5. hi brenda aww thank you so much for watching my videos from months back X') i feel flattered
    oh about that i only joined their holiday progam for sm academy.i would love to! <3 but unfortunately im already in indonesia right now studying so im afraid that would not be possible :( sorry but i could do other video request for a make up tutorial if you want ^^

    thank you so much brenda for stopping by to my blog <3

  6. It's really nice watching your videos and you're really pretty!^^
    Oh it's perfectly alright!^^ If you have time can you do a review on how to deal with skin problems like blemishes, etc and also how to slim down!>< I kind of eat a lot and my metabolism rate is very low so...><"

    Do also update bout your law studies in Indonesia too^^

    No problem! Really like your blog and videos^^

  7. Berhubung u orang indo...hehehe...suka deh ma video ini...sunny cantik :D :)