Tuesday, March 29, 2011

REVIEW: lioele carry me blusher & veil vita bb cream *SPONSORED*

anyonghaseyo (means hello in korean) my lovely dear kawaii girls,

i have a long waited review on lioele products that i've been posting about on my upcoming review,
and finally it's here!

i was abit annoyed by the indonesian tax policy anything that comes into the country you have to pay for extra tax but thats fine at least i got my package and im happy!  ^_^b

lilies shop sent me another package to review, and there are lioele dollish veil vita bb cream and carry me blusher.  dollish line is considered quite new it was out around 4 or 5 months ago if im not mistaken, and the packaging is simply more mature and more sexier with a pink and black combination colour in every box packaging which i think it looks more like a higher end make up.

for the shade i got in number 1 gorgeous purple it has a very sheer pink and purple under tone and my friend has been trying it out and her shade was abit more warmer medium colour skin and i was surprised how it blended into her skin so smoothly, so to my conclusion on color shade you dont have to worry if you're a medium skin type if the colour won't suit you or anything this bb cream comes with a blending skin colour mechanism, so when you pump the product out for the first time the colour will just look like a normal white creamy colour but as soon as you blend it out it will blend and mix to your skin color, how amazing is that?

this bb cream is also 2-in-1 product it is a base and also a bb cream so if you like things that are more convenient and simple like i do sometimes when i dont have time to put my primer and bb cream when im in a hurry to campus you can just apply this bb cream and ready to go. it also function to even out the hyper pigmentation on your skin, i highly recommend this because i have a lots of redness on my face (thinking of doing the perfect imperfection tag on my blog , let me know what you guys think about it ^^)

another thing that i love, this bb cream texture is so smooth and silky it does not feel heavy and uncomfortable like any other bb cream that i have tried so far, very light feeling and smells really nice. i was sniffing it for like 15 minutes , >.< i knew it's a flower scent but i couldn't recall the name of the flower so ive decided to search online, there are 2 scent for this bb cream there are acacia and jasmine. the gorgeous purple no.1 has a jasmine scent into it, first time ive tried bb cream that smells so good.

i will do an update on how long lasting it is tomorrow, since i have classes til like 8 pm T.T , want to try out how long lasting it is. but so far, love the quality and the packaging of this bb cream. i highly recommend <3

now moving on to the blusher,

i actually watched on some youtube guru's video and it looked really nice on her, and ive been looking for a perfect pink blusher for my daily gyaru look. it guess what ? it looks super pretty! it looks very soft ,delicate and the colour is really kawaii.
it comes with a puff or cushion design where you can just gently tab dab them on your cheek and you're ready to go, its really convenient too because some blusher you have to apply it using your hand. this blusher also comes with plastic material to close the access of the powder from the inside which is really cool it wont let you waste many products when you take it everywhere with you especially travelling.

overall really nice colour, super cute packaging that comes with a little mirror on top of it really pretty.

FOTD using vita dollish veil bb cream and carry me blusher :

believe it or not my double eyelid tape does not always work well on my lid, >.< i have to come up for a new alternative to create a higher crease .

you can purchase the dollish veil vita bb cream and carry me blusher at lilies shop
their ship worldwide 
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hope this review is helpful for you lovelies

love you gotta go and finish my paper : / 

sunny <3


  1. hi do you think this bbcream is much better lioele triple the solution ????

  2. Thanks so much for the post! the blusher and BB cream looks so good on you. you look really cute in your pics!

  3. @greicy07

    hi greicy :D i haven't tried the lioele triple solution yet, so i dont really know how it looks on my skin, but so far i am loving the dollish veil vita bb cream, it's a 3 in 1 kind of bb cream and really practical to use. you dont have to apply separate primer and and powder after you apply your bb cream which is good, cos i always tend to rush things in the morning and sometimes i dont get to put on anything, and now i can just apply them without wasting lots of time ;)

    @penelope: hi sweetie! thank you so much you're too sweet >.< i love the blusher you should try them out too, >.<b

  4. thanks , but what do you like missha or lioele dollish veil vita???

  5. lioele dollish veil vita ^^ currently my favourite bb cream i wear them almost evryday

  6. Hi :) Randomly clicking on blogs and I must say I love yours. Comment me back if you want to be friends ^^

  7. lovely review! ^^ loving the carry me blusher ! so dolly ! I might consider getting one. <3