Tuesday, March 22, 2011

MENTHOLATUM : Foaming Wash Review

hi girls,

finally im down to reviewing now,

my law papers and catching up with the studies been pretty much holding me back from blogging and doing reviews. I just realized the other day that i have been using this product for almost 8 months now, normally if i stick to one facial cleanser it will break me out the after 4 months using them and i had to change to other brand and go back to the old one *such a complicated method of using facial cleanser*

but this one, Mentholatum Acners: foaming wash i've been using this for 8 months and it doesnt break me out at all to my surprise. i came back to indonesia and i needed to get this facial cleanser but it was not available in Bali where my parents live, so i had no choice temporarily used the clean and clear oil control facial wash(or something i forgot the name of the series). the day after i used this brand it immediately break me out. Thank god i found mentholatum in the carrefour *something simillar to target or wallmart in asia* , and immediately used this right away.

i just want to let you know how good this product is, i used to have a really oily face to a point i have to bring blotting paper everyday with me, but ever since i used this product it reduced the oil access on my face. also helps to reduce LOTS of acnes and pimples.

the price is also very reasonable if im not mistaken its around Rp 23000 which is around 1 or 2 dollar us. so reasonable right?

if you have a sensitive , and oily skin like i do, i highly recommend this product to use.
it really feels fresh and i dont feel like my face is so tight after washing them out with water. because some product feels like your face is so tight to a point i dont feel comfortable on it and feels really dry.

so far i am in love with this facial cleanser. <3 ^^V

For this review  I AM NOT SPONSORED ^^

i hope you lovelies like this review,

love ya! <3

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