Tuesday, March 8, 2011

campus life ;)

hi everyone i know ive been missing out from youtube and blogger for quite sometime ..
i have been bit busy with catching up with my university and my classes so
here are my random pictures in campus XD

will do my reviews asap ;)

finally~~! nice to catch up with my friends again back in campus 
random pictures
peace? ;)

thank you



  1. hi sunny! :) this is saccharine0158 from youtube. i'm your subbie! haha! goodluck with uni. i hope you do well! ^_^

  2. hi saccharine! <3 how are you sweetie? ^^
    i hope you're doing well, thank you im working so hard to catch up with everything ^^ i missed out 5 classes due to my plane ticket T.T but its not that bad hope youre doing well ^^
    love sunny