Monday, March 21, 2011

best of both worlds?

hi kawaii girls,

long time no blogging i am currently not feeling well right now i got fever and flu *i know what a great combination* ..

today i dont have any reviews to show you guys, but i have things that im about to buy next month and i was surprised by the price of this camcorder so i've decided to get that and another following month i will get my ipad! yipeey for those of you who follow me on twitter from the very beginning you will know how much i love gadgets as much as i love my make up. >_<

i am not buying the latest ipad 2 , cos i am going to purchase my sanyo xacti camcorder anyway, as the number of my lovely subbies increases i feel that i need to improve on the quality of my camera whenever i record on youtube. so yeah, i have decided to buy the sanyo xacti HD *forgot the series* , and the prices just went down to 120 usd! yipeey! and after i buy that i will have to save my money to get myself an ipad.

this will my my 2nd purchase from apple. i like to try different brand to experience the different style and quality they have. I am not one of those who likes to follow the trend on what people are using but i go for the effectivity and how much it will effect and help my study in campus. Ipad is more portable and lighter than my current laptop, and ofcourse easy to carry. i have watched on youtube on the free application*im a student duh? i cant always buy application like other people do im on a tight budget*  for campus use and yes they really make me want to buy them cos i dont need to buy another books or notes, and can simply download my law textbook from there. everything into 1. what a great gadget. XD

after i found out that ipad price and my dear sanyo xacti price has gone down, i was so happy! "who says we cannot get best of both worlds?"

anyways thats all for my update on Gadgets ;)

will do more update when i get my camcorder and ipad soon ^^

love ya ladies! <3

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