Tuesday, March 29, 2011

top 5 song of the week

hi lovelies,

first of all i changed my background template and it look much better i think, pls comment below if you like the previous one ;)

this top 10 songs of the week are basically pretty much songs that got stucked in my head and some are plain random but some are my favourites too.

1. dal shabet supa dupa diva been stuck with me for almost 4 days now, kpop songs seriously is good when it comes to "hook song" (that's what we call it in korea, songs that could get you hooked into it or simply addicted). these girls are the new girl group of 2011 and this song is their debut song, for a rookie i would say their song is SUPER kawaii! <3 it

2. rebecca black friday cover by stephenie gee, i always like stephenie gee she has one of the most softest and beautiful voice i have ever heard. super talented girl in a such a young age. honestly speaking im not a big fan of rebecca black but her song is surely fun to listen to. and when i saw stephenie gee doing a cover on it i was like super happy and the version is much more nicer i think ;) * im not a rebeca black hater i like both version but since i've been stephenie's fan from the ver beginning i would go with her *

love this song so much that i make it to my weekend anthem lol XD

3. lady gaga born this way been stucked in my head from this morning and i was singing along to it non stop my bestfriend were like , "dude you've been singing to it for almost half an hour already" i was laughing when she said that, i guess shes tired of me singing non stop right next to her, but who hates this song anyway? love the lyrics and the song very much <3


4.WaT love story

i have been "still" crazy about iryu after season 2 (currently downloading the 3rd one) and koike teppei is so talented , he could act, and sing very well in my opinion and ofcourse could not resist for the fact that he is super cute! >_< *you can throw a rock at me for saying that but i still love this guy hihi*

5.G-na black and white
honestly i only like the chorous the rest ..not that much stand out to me in my opinion once again.

anyways that's all for my top 5 songs of the week hope you enjoy this song as much as i do

love sunny

REVIEW: lioele carry me blusher & veil vita bb cream *SPONSORED*

anyonghaseyo (means hello in korean) my lovely dear kawaii girls,

i have a long waited review on lioele products that i've been posting about on my upcoming review,
and finally it's here!

i was abit annoyed by the indonesian tax policy anything that comes into the country you have to pay for extra tax but thats fine at least i got my package and im happy!  ^_^b

lilies shop sent me another package to review, and there are lioele dollish veil vita bb cream and carry me blusher.  dollish line is considered quite new it was out around 4 or 5 months ago if im not mistaken, and the packaging is simply more mature and more sexier with a pink and black combination colour in every box packaging which i think it looks more like a higher end make up.

for the shade i got in number 1 gorgeous purple it has a very sheer pink and purple under tone and my friend has been trying it out and her shade was abit more warmer medium colour skin and i was surprised how it blended into her skin so smoothly, so to my conclusion on color shade you dont have to worry if you're a medium skin type if the colour won't suit you or anything this bb cream comes with a blending skin colour mechanism, so when you pump the product out for the first time the colour will just look like a normal white creamy colour but as soon as you blend it out it will blend and mix to your skin color, how amazing is that?

this bb cream is also 2-in-1 product it is a base and also a bb cream so if you like things that are more convenient and simple like i do sometimes when i dont have time to put my primer and bb cream when im in a hurry to campus you can just apply this bb cream and ready to go. it also function to even out the hyper pigmentation on your skin, i highly recommend this because i have a lots of redness on my face (thinking of doing the perfect imperfection tag on my blog , let me know what you guys think about it ^^)

another thing that i love, this bb cream texture is so smooth and silky it does not feel heavy and uncomfortable like any other bb cream that i have tried so far, very light feeling and smells really nice. i was sniffing it for like 15 minutes , >.< i knew it's a flower scent but i couldn't recall the name of the flower so ive decided to search online, there are 2 scent for this bb cream there are acacia and jasmine. the gorgeous purple no.1 has a jasmine scent into it, first time ive tried bb cream that smells so good.

i will do an update on how long lasting it is tomorrow, since i have classes til like 8 pm T.T , want to try out how long lasting it is. but so far, love the quality and the packaging of this bb cream. i highly recommend <3

now moving on to the blusher,

i actually watched on some youtube guru's video and it looked really nice on her, and ive been looking for a perfect pink blusher for my daily gyaru look. it guess what ? it looks super pretty! it looks very soft ,delicate and the colour is really kawaii.
it comes with a puff or cushion design where you can just gently tab dab them on your cheek and you're ready to go, its really convenient too because some blusher you have to apply it using your hand. this blusher also comes with plastic material to close the access of the powder from the inside which is really cool it wont let you waste many products when you take it everywhere with you especially travelling.

overall really nice colour, super cute packaging that comes with a little mirror on top of it really pretty.

FOTD using vita dollish veil bb cream and carry me blusher :

believe it or not my double eyelid tape does not always work well on my lid, >.< i have to come up for a new alternative to create a higher crease .

you can purchase the dollish veil vita bb cream and carry me blusher at lilies shop
their ship worldwide 
to get a discount type :Sunny 
for a discount code 
and you will get 5% discount on all purchase ;)

hope this review is helpful for you lovelies

love you gotta go and finish my paper : / 

sunny <3

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

MENTHOLATUM : Foaming Wash Review

hi girls,

finally im down to reviewing now,

my law papers and catching up with the studies been pretty much holding me back from blogging and doing reviews. I just realized the other day that i have been using this product for almost 8 months now, normally if i stick to one facial cleanser it will break me out the after 4 months using them and i had to change to other brand and go back to the old one *such a complicated method of using facial cleanser*

but this one, Mentholatum Acners: foaming wash i've been using this for 8 months and it doesnt break me out at all to my surprise. i came back to indonesia and i needed to get this facial cleanser but it was not available in Bali where my parents live, so i had no choice temporarily used the clean and clear oil control facial wash(or something i forgot the name of the series). the day after i used this brand it immediately break me out. Thank god i found mentholatum in the carrefour *something simillar to target or wallmart in asia* , and immediately used this right away.

i just want to let you know how good this product is, i used to have a really oily face to a point i have to bring blotting paper everyday with me, but ever since i used this product it reduced the oil access on my face. also helps to reduce LOTS of acnes and pimples.

the price is also very reasonable if im not mistaken its around Rp 23000 which is around 1 or 2 dollar us. so reasonable right?

if you have a sensitive , and oily skin like i do, i highly recommend this product to use.
it really feels fresh and i dont feel like my face is so tight after washing them out with water. because some product feels like your face is so tight to a point i dont feel comfortable on it and feels really dry.

so far i am in love with this facial cleanser. <3 ^^V

For this review  I AM NOT SPONSORED ^^

i hope you lovelies like this review,

love ya! <3

Monday, March 21, 2011

best of both worlds?

hi kawaii girls,

long time no blogging i am currently not feeling well right now i got fever and flu *i know what a great combination* ..

today i dont have any reviews to show you guys, but i have things that im about to buy next month and i was surprised by the price of this camcorder so i've decided to get that and another following month i will get my ipad! yipeey for those of you who follow me on twitter from the very beginning you will know how much i love gadgets as much as i love my make up. >_<

i am not buying the latest ipad 2 , cos i am going to purchase my sanyo xacti camcorder anyway, as the number of my lovely subbies increases i feel that i need to improve on the quality of my camera whenever i record on youtube. so yeah, i have decided to buy the sanyo xacti HD *forgot the series* , and the prices just went down to 120 usd! yipeey! and after i buy that i will have to save my money to get myself an ipad.

this will my my 2nd purchase from apple. i like to try different brand to experience the different style and quality they have. I am not one of those who likes to follow the trend on what people are using but i go for the effectivity and how much it will effect and help my study in campus. Ipad is more portable and lighter than my current laptop, and ofcourse easy to carry. i have watched on youtube on the free application*im a student duh? i cant always buy application like other people do im on a tight budget*  for campus use and yes they really make me want to buy them cos i dont need to buy another books or notes, and can simply download my law textbook from there. everything into 1. what a great gadget. XD

after i found out that ipad price and my dear sanyo xacti price has gone down, i was so happy! "who says we cannot get best of both worlds?"

anyways thats all for my update on Gadgets ;)

will do more update when i get my camcorder and ipad soon ^^

love ya ladies! <3

Thursday, March 17, 2011



thank you for stopping by girls,

gotta go to class now love ya,

stay kawaii <3


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

japan tsunami disaster

hi dolls,

it is so heart breaking to see people in japan suffering from the tsunami disaster,
i just want to take a minute to say let's pray together for their safety and for everything to be better.

i tweeted about this before if you follow me on twitter,but i think it is also necessary to write this on my blog as well. im doing the best i could to help people in japan by donating from here in indonesia. i hope you guys do it too, remmember it will always come back to us when we do a good deed even if it doesn't i still think it is necessary to help people who are in a difficult position and situation like this.:)

thank you for your time to read this blog post.

love sunny

Monday, March 14, 2011



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Sunday, March 13, 2011


Hi kawaii girls,

I have been into gyaru and Tsubasa Masuwaka's look for quite sometime now, this month i have decided to get her false eyelashes no.1 and the liquid eyeliner *which everyone's been raving about

i got abit annoyed this afternoon the prices in Indonesia is super expensive, they sell it in sasa for around 11 - 12 dollar usd , and they increased the price for like 20 dollar usd T.T in the online shop.

is there anyone of you guys have sasa in your country? if you do please let me know, we can do a swap ;)

but at the moment i will have to browse more on the internet to find the cheapest one, cos i don't want to lose my money *such a cheap skate  lol *

so stay tuned for the review everyone!

<3 ya!


UPCOMING REVIEWS *sponsored by fuwa fuwa lens*

Now, to the circle lenses that are coming up this month for a review from fuwa fuwa lens

first is the GEO Hurricane Violet

I used to owned the Brown one if you follow me from the very beginning of my blog post, i have posted one picture wearing that lenses i was really happy with the colour it blends in naturally eventhough the pattern looked abit "obvious" from the lens case but after you wear them it look simply stunning. I can't wait to try the violet one, exciting new colour to try on.

next is the Beaucon Jewels Pink

I have been wearing the brown one ever since i got it, i love them so much i ordered the pink one. I got so many compliments from my friends and relatives on how nice they look on me. the pattern and design is also very unique. black circle on the outer line and with colour on the inner circle. i am not a big fan or "obvious-looking" lenses with old design pattern where they have sparks one the inner circle.
My favourite youtube guru and beauty blogger Eki also wear this i can't wait to review them ;)

that's all for the lenses,

love sunny

UPCOMING REVIEWS : LIOELE *sponsored by lilies shop

Hi kawai girls,

there are few reviews coming up this month, first off is from lilies shop i will be reviewing their lioele brand
for the newest line for their  lioele dollish veil vita bb cream purple, from what i have noticed the purple one is supposed to cover all the uneven skin which i really need right now cos i have tried using many concealer and other bb cream it did not even out my skin tone. so i am really excited to try this one out and review them.
the packaging itself is really sleek, i am not surprise why the packaging of the container is really cute. Lioele always knows how to catch our eyes, especially girl like me who is a sucker to anything thats pink. ;)

other than even out the skin tone, this one is pretty cool first when we pump it out the color of the bb cream is white, after we blend it for a while it will blend in to our skin colour which is great, because some bb cream are just too fair. * i am really excited to review this one, for this particular bb cream i will do a separate review. <3

now moving on to the cushion touch blusher, i remmember i watched Jen fromheadtotoe used this on her tutorial and it looks really nice and baby pink-ish and it will look really nice on my upcoming tutorial. as i promised i will do the gyaru or tsubasa make up tutorial soon. im still gathering few dollywink stuffs, sorry if this take quite long to make it happen (as you all know im back to college and my allowance is .... low XD so i need to save my money to collect them ).

 DISCLAIMER: This will be a SPONSORED review, if i buy something with my own money i will not put the sponsored label.

good night kawaii girls <3


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

campus life ;)

hi everyone i know ive been missing out from youtube and blogger for quite sometime ..
i have been bit busy with catching up with my university and my classes so
here are my random pictures in campus XD

will do my reviews asap ;)

finally~~! nice to catch up with my friends again back in campus 
random pictures
peace? ;)

thank you


Sunday, March 6, 2011

sunny is back!

hi girls!

i know i promised 4 days away but i turned out spending more than that :( sorry .
now i am finally back in indonesia, and i have UPCOMING reviews to announce to you beautifuls ;)
i am going to get either the dolly wink eyeliner or the dolly wink false eyelashes number 1. i know their lower lashes is as expensive as their upper lashes so i got the lower one from etude house.
cos i just could not see myself spending so much money on just lower lashes, i think its just ridiculous.

some people would just buy it, but what to do? i'm a college student :(

my days been great i had a great time in bali, for 3 days and now im back in jogjakarta. ;)

will do my reviews asap

love ya! <3

sunny bunny