Wednesday, February 23, 2011

TUTORIAL alternative for warm neautral look

hi beautifuls ,

i posted this look around yesterday and i thought i would post them on my blog as well.
finally the FOTD is here ladies! <3

i actually did the tutorial on this one but i didn't know the memory wasnt enough on my camcorder >.<
so i couldn't do it all over again because it was 1 am in the morning , and i also know it's not good for your skin so i decided to do a FOTD instead as an alternative. :)

this is one of my favourite look XD i am planning to use this as my everday look when im not lazy, cos when im lazy i will just put on my sun cream and base and im ready to go.

hope you lovelies enjoy this FOTD :)

love sunny


  1. such a pretty neutral look. Great tutorial! Love how you do your eye makeup!

  2. say mau tnya seri round lipstik NYX brp y?? thx.

  3. @raqual: makasi ya say, ^^ ak bukan org indo sih, hehe org korea tp grow up di indo <3 thank you for stopping by to my channel and blog ya <3 <3

  4. @ raqhuel: oopsie, i tried to answer your question i ended up answering you on the wrong post, ak beli nya di korea si say kalo yang nyx round lipstick nya kalo ngga salah di online2 shop dia harga nya 45 ribuan sih coba cek2 juga di olshop lain bisa aja lebih murah <3 ^^