Thursday, February 3, 2011


i love this song eventhough it has issues with plagiarism but i just love the lyrics so good!
and iu's voice is really soothing. in love with this song

i just realised i have been listening to lots of OST thesedays i love this song, its more of a "feel good mood song"

to be honest im not a big fan of seungri but this song is good! ^^
my favourite all time girl group! i love their songs! very very sexy and cute ;)

ai is one of my favourite singer her i love her voice. believe is really nice oh btw i love watching iryu they are my favourite dramas, i love ijyuuin and asada sensei ;) cute doctors!

so thats it for my current songs that i have been listening non stop

hope you guys enjoy it

and sorry for the late post

happy chinese new year! :)

love sunny


  1. I like your ipod playlist!(:
    Awww,Seungri!!his album is great, the songs are good!^__^*
    I also listen to lots of OST's these days!;D I don't know why, it just reminds me so much on the drama!~

    Happy Chinese new year to you too!<3

  2. @yumeko: me too! i am in love with japanese drama and abit of korean drama OST as well .. ;)

  3. i love Mach too :D
    have u watch Secret Garden drama, unnie?
    they have lots of great songs as their soundtrack.

  4. @yurina: hi yurina, i do watch secret garden but im not fond to secret garden trend actually im more into my princess :)

  5. Haha, that's soooo positive :) Guess I'm a bore since I've been listening to Gorillaz for the last 3 days ;/