Sunday, February 20, 2011

REVIEW: Beaucon Jewel brown

hi beautifuls :)

i have another circle lenses review for you girls :)
sent by fuwa fuwa lens to try out :) thank you so much for sponsoring ! ^^


lenses from the lens bottle :)
diameter: 14.0mm
life span: 1 year :) no need to worry about disposing them every 3 months <3
i love this design, im not a big fan of natural looking lenses with sparks on the inner circle , i think the trend is getting old with that design. this is much more better and the effect is more significant, personally one of my favourite! i saw tsubasa masuwaka wore it and i was like i HAVE to get my hands on this XD

if you like japanese trend, gyaru look, i highly recommend these lenses. it's rated as the top 3 most popular brown lenses in japan amongst teen and gal.i agree as well :) gorgeous lenses

anyways hope you kawaii girls love this review :)


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  1. These lenses are GORGEOUS!*__* I also saw Tsubasa on the cover of POPTEEN wearing them!^__^*(I LOVE POPTEEN)<3
    Your video review is great!~