Wednesday, February 9, 2011

package from lilies shop (lioele products and circle lenses)*Sponsored by

hey guys the package from lilies shop has finally arrived! XD

they told me there was a slight mistake on the shipping that it will take around a month but i was really suprised it arrived in a week. how fast is that?

it came in the morning while i was sleeping and my dad brought the package in and it was a great start in the morning i was really in a good mood after i woke up ;)

They sent me 3 main stuffs:

-Lioele Gel Eyeliner( 01 smokey black)
-Lioele Dollish Lipstick (6 G.nudy pink)
-last but not least the Neo lenses no 27tear lens: Emotion Brown

for the Lioele gel eyeliner it comes with a eyeliner brush, and very very thin so if you like to draw more acurate line, you will love this brush. after i swatched this liner, and i tried to rubbed it and even washed my hand with it to test out the quality and its amazing! like hands down i love lioele's gel eyeliner. it would probably be one of my eyeliner favourite, i can't wait to try this eyeliner for my everyday look :)

next is , the NEO tear lenses, in emotion brown

i actually ordered the milky blue but it was out of stock so they sent me the tear lens series instead, i love this lenses! i always wanted to try the tear lenses since 3 months ago, now that i have one they look really pretty.
the tear design might look abit unique from the up close, but like if you just talk to your friend they will think you have a natural dark brown eyes, this is because of the effect of the tear design blends in naturally to the eye circle and creates a natural dark brown circle on your eyes. if you are not into crazy colour circle lenses, and want t try out a very natural looking colour that people might find it hard to recognise that you actually wear a lenses you might want to try this. my natural eye colour is really really dark dark brown, almost black, but this one made my eyes look more brownish. really gorgeous colour. :)

lol i know my hair looks messy here, and my face looks rounder XD please bear with me i just want to show you guys the close up look ;)

see the difference even on quite a close distance it looks so natural :)

LAST but not least is the Lioele  DOLLISH Lipstick

I am a big fan of nude pink lippies and also nude colours. when they sent me this i was really happy the packaging is really cute and dollish is the new line from lioele and its more sexy and kind of cute at the same time. the packaging itself unlike the normal lioele design they have black and pink design in almost all products.
now moving on to the testure and the lipstick, the lipstick itself is really creamy and pigmented. i worried abit in the beginning because i have a really pigmented lips and i thought it would turn out weird on my lips but it turned out really pretty! baby pink colour! so pretty.this lipstick kind of reminds me of Tsubasa masuwaka's "Candy Doll" line, but as we all know they are really pricy so if you want a cheaper option that has the same colour i suggest this dollish as an alternative.
with camera flash the lipstick looks more on baby pink , but with no flash it turns nudy pink. it is perfect for college wear, or even night out or simply just hanging out with you friends. this colour will look great on smokey eyes make up, or just simple make up.

Swatches on the lips :)

i love the dollish logo arent they pretty?
really pigmented ... <3

more pictures:

if you guys are wondering what bb cream im using , im using Lioele Silky Highlighter BB touch , so glowy i use them everytime i go out and i get lots of compliment using this :)

yipeey samples to try out ^^

ofcourse as always lilies shop sent me couple of samples to try out and i love it! i love samples XD 

you can all now purchase these items at , Discount code: Sunny you will get 10 percent discount. for international shoppers or buyer dont worry they ship worldwide!

i will soon do a separate revies on the items, please let me know which item i should review separately. please drop by in the comments below <3

thank you for reading and stopping by girls.

love sunny


  1. Great haul and pics! You skin looks really amazing! And the pink lipstick looks so good on you

  2. @penelope: thank you i will do a separate review on the lipstick.. i love dollish line from lioele they are really pretty super pigmented gorgeous <3 ^^ lol i think its the camera effect and the lighting i dont have a good skin lol i have big pores XD

  3. i love the colour of the lioele lipstick! makes me want to get one for myself! XD and your dewy skin makes me jealous. kekeke^^

  4. aww thanks ika :) im using the bb silky highlighter from lioele its so dewy im in love with it i should make a monthly favourites videos from now on XD i love lioele you should get the lipstick so pretty and pigmented ;)

  5. Awww,This Haul is great!^__^*
    I just LOVE everything,<3 NEO lenses packaging is really cute,and the lenses suit you so much!!:) &you are so beautiful,your skin looks flawless!<3<3<3

    Thanks for all the reviews,sweetie!Really helpful!^__^*

  6. @yumeko : aww youre soo sweet! ^^ hihi neo lenses are really cute, i actually like this one , cos i have seen fuzkittie wore it on her tutorial and it looked really pretty on her, not fake looking very natural :) aww youre beautiful too dear ^^ thanks <3

  7. Lioele products always come in such cute packaging! The lenses look really nice on you, love from Poland!

  8. @misha: thanks misha! lioele sure knows how to catch our eyes by their cute design XD thanks for stopping by, oh i always wanted to go to poland someday .. love from korea ^^!

  9. hi! u have such an amazing skinn :D
    i wanna try lioele too, i hope they open their boutique in my country,lol

  10. hi fleur thank you for stopping by to my blog :) thank you :) hihi my skin is not that amazing i think cos i have hyper pigmentation too :( and i have to hide them with a concealer :(