Sunday, February 27, 2011

My most wanted things that are not availabale in indonesia and korea

hi girls,

how have you been doing ? i hope you are all doing well, and i am on my last night in Korea and trying to blog as many post as i could.

i have been watching few videos and i fell in love with some of the product that that hauled. i wish they have it in indonesia cos i would have got it like RIGHT away or like the next day. but too bad i don't :(

the first one is

the physician formula bronzer
the shape on the bronzer is so cute and i have heard lots of great stuff about them and omg...someone take me to u.s now :'( *cries

super pretty ...     :'(
i needed a bronzer anyway so i was looking on youtube watching other people's reviews and i got stucked looking at this physician formula happy booster  one .. does anyone in indonesia know where to get this? im dying to get this ...

second one COVER GIRL LASH BLAST mascara

heard many great things about this as well.. 
and im not one of those who likes to go high end for mascara i mean if we can get a great quality for a cheaper price then why not go for the cheaper ones? i dont think it's necessary to waste alot of money on it.

so these are my two current MOST wanted items, i do envy you kawaii girls who can get this in america ;)

anyways ..thats all for my most wanted make up for now

love ya!


  1. haven't tried the physician's formula bronzer but i tried the cover girl lash blast mascara and it did not really work for me. :)

  2. really? cos i heard they're really good
    physician formula happy booster is just too cute XD they dont have lots of bronzer here in asia :( thats why i want to try it

  3. there are some indonesian seller that open pre order stuff from US.. you can buy in or ^^

  4. Covergirl lashblast is a really good mascara. i have short and strait asian lashes, so it's really hard to find one that lengthens it a lot. covergirl lashblast series is a really good mascara for asians. especially the waterproof ones because it doesn't weigh down my lashes. since i live in the U.S, i can easily get this stuff at drugstores, but i'm sure you can find a place that sells Covergirl lashblast and the physicans formula bronzer.

  5. what a cute bronzer!!!!!!, i found a good bronzer and not expensive, own by bourjois but the packaging is very simple =p not cute at all in my mind hahahaha.

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  7. I love the bronzer! It's sooo cute! I was thinking about buying it but finally decided I've got enough bronzers already :(

  8. @misha: i know right? so cute i love the pattern of the bronzer it doesnt look boring XD and i heard alot of great things about this ..XD

    @gula jawa: shanty!!! <3 thanks for stopping by

    @jonas brother: yeah i wish they sell it in indonesia :'( so sad they dont have a separate counter for these, i wish they have more american brands here in indo