Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Important Announcement

Hey beautifuls :)

long time no blogging,


i have a really great news to share with you guys, i will be going back to indonesia, back to my campus and studying law.

dont worry i will still be doing more blogging, and nothing is going to stop me to post a video as well XD
but im kind of sad right now to leave Korea it feels so fast and i regret i did not use my time wisely to get to know my motherland more.

i will be away fro around a week and i hope you kawaii girls take care, and i will be back with more hauls and reviews so stay tuned!

gonna miss you,

i wont be away froever just will be away fro 4 days maximum and will be back to blogging again

love you girls



  1. hey sunny where do u study in indonesia? i'm malaysian but i study in indonesia as well. in jakarta, to be exact. btw u're sooo lucky! i've been longing to go to korea since like, forever? >.< haha. take care sweetie :)

  2. Take care sunny!^___^*
    have lots of fun in Indonesia and give your best with sudying!(: Hope you would find enough time to blog!:D i will miss you, hope to read something from you soon,Sweetie!<3<3<3

  3. awww... you're so thoughtful. i like to watch your videos on youtube. :)

    have a safe trip back home. take care! ^-^