Saturday, February 19, 2011

Dueba Max Pure Pink Review

hey dolls!

sorry for the long wait of my circle lens review,
finally the package arrived yesterday morning i was supposed to post it right away but i wasn't feeling well.
so as i promised, i here present you the MAX PURE PINK lens review ;)

this is actually my first pair of pink lenses and i was really excited when i got them yesterday. *literally jumping here and there and my grandma thought i was abit crazy lol

the pattern is so pretty and it blends in right away to dark coloured eyes. this are not like other bright looking pink coloured lenses that would make people stare at you for wearing it, i got lot's of compliments wearing these lenses, sheer pink but a bit brownish as well. so if you are looking for a sheer natural "not-so-crazy-looking-pink" lenses i highly recommend this.

for comfort wise, very comfortable. it doesn't move around like crazy whenever you blink your eyes. i think because of the diameter is not that big 14.5 mm that's why i think it stays on the eye curve :) really well.  compared to any lenses i tried, this is really comfortable. 

if you are monolid this circle lens size is just nice for you, not too big but not too small, for double eyelid i think you wont have problem as well. this sheer pink colour brings out the skin colour and it really makes your eyes looks like doll.

so if you are aiming for babydoll look, i highly recommend this lens. they are SUPER KAWAII~~! <3

the life span is one year. :)

i hope you guys like the review, you can purchase these gorgeous lenses at

stay kawaii girls! <3



  1. Awww,Pink circle lenses!^__^*
    I wanna try the too!~
    They look so adorable on you!<3<3<3

    Thanks for the review!^^

  2. thanks yumeko! ^^ i am in love with this one as well more pink lenses review coming up! beaucon jewel pink is coming so stay tuned :) *i am in love with this and beaucon series as well can't wait to try the other lenses.
    thanks sweetie <3