Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Hi dolls,

sorry for keeping you guys waiting for the next fashion and beauty post. i have been quite busy with my university application, and yes everything has been such a hassle. i have mentioned about it on my videos as well, but don't worry everything is fine now.

I am very excited to share this really GREAT news today, lilies shop has agreed to sponsor me korean make up brand called LIOELE, for those of you guys who are not familiar with lioele, lioele is korean brand that has been raved about by many youtuber such as fuzkittie, frmheadtotoe and ekimura. they talked about how great the under eye concealer (help me darkcircles concealer) and the bb cream high lighter. Some of the famous youtube gurus has even compared this BB cream highlighter with Dior Extase pink.

Not only famous among Youtube gurus but this brand is also famous among korean make up artists and even featured on many fashion magazines. This means only one thing, lioele product is being included as the top make up brand that could compete with other higher end make up.

i just could not wait to try these two on as soon as the parcel arrives. i am thinking of doing a make up tutorial using these two, maybe korean air stewardess look? because i think they have a very sleek and graceful look and make up and it would suits well for those who likes simple make up and for those who are working but doesnt want to have many things to put on to their face.

just wanted to give you guys an update on what i will be reviewing and this would be my first lioele products review.

i would like to thank lilies shop for being so generous to sponsor me these great products. thank you once again. :)

DISCLAIMER: i am not over selling these product by writting something that are false in facts, it is just from what i have seen on youtube and watched other youtube gurus raving them, and also saw these products being featured on the magazines that i have  read.




  1. omg that's GREAT !! :D Finally a sponsor ^^ you're so lucky sweetie <3 can't wait for the reviews ~

  2. aww thanks zarah hihi, :) i couldn't wait for the these 2 to arrive and the im off to do the tutorial, tell me what you think i should do ..im thinking of korean celebrity flwless look, what do you think?