Tuesday, January 25, 2011


hi kawaii girls,

It's really cold right now in korea i hope you guys are doing okay and for those who are living in cold weather country please wear warm clothing cos it's really important to dress warm rather than focusing more on dressing up and style. for minus 17 celcius i don't really care about fashion anymore too cold to look stylish XD i will rather go with warm jackets , jeans and ugg boots.

anyways i just want to tell you guys that i have 2 upcoming circle lenses review for you, and they are G&G Max pure pink and Beaucon jewel pink.

first thing when i saw the max pure pink on youtube gurus review, "OH MY GOD I have to get those"
its pink! *I'm a sucker to anything that's pink*

i saw jen from head to toe did a review on max pure pink and it looked really pretty on her, and she has monolids as well! i could not wait to wear this really cute looking lens.

from the design pattern of the lens, it looked rather very sheer and soft i think this is why many people who got this pair said it blends in well nicely with a dark colour and doesnt look that artifical like super nudy pink.

*little note: i have heard the effect on bright coloured eyes doesnt really give you a pink look when you wear this lenses, if you want it to look really significant and pink i suggest to try super nudy pink. ^^

i can't wait!

now moving on to beaucon jewel brown, now i was abit confused because they have so many names in different brands, Geo medical also have released their version of this lenses and it is called sakura lenses, so does EOS. I hesitated in the beginning on which one to get and finally i have decided to get beaucon jewel series instead.

I'm getting the brown colour, and if you guys notice the pattern this lenses is HUGE in japan, many japanese Gyaru model wear it on their photo shoots.

aren't they pretty?

so stay tuned for the review! ^^

-love SUNNY BUNNY- <3

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