Saturday, January 15, 2011

tsubasa masuwaka's signature look

hey dolls,

i have been into japanese fashion and make up ALOT lately to a point i think im pretty much obsessed with it.
this will be mostly about tsubasa masuwaka's make up style.
I am pretty new to japanese stuffs so i will not be explaining it too detailed.

Tsubasa masuwaka's style must have signature look is:

*dolly wink false eyelashes
*pink cheeks
*CIRCLE LENSES not looking too fake, normally brown colour.
*glowy skin *highlighter/bb cream
*nudy lips/ light pink
*white glittery eye shadow or eyeliner on the inner corner of the eyes, and on the lower lash line
*light brown hair ( lighter hair colour brings out your skin more, the lighter the colour the more pale your skin will look this is what we are trying to achieve if we want to look like tsubasa masuwaka's look)

very kawaii and girly right? i find this really pretty ..

i hope you guys enjoy this post ^^

love love

sunny bunny