Thursday, January 20, 2011

the parcel has arrived! *LIOELE PRODUCTS* sponsored by

hi guys i got so excited this afternoon when i got a parcel on my mail,

and lilies shop has been really nice to send me many samples and along with the silky highlighter bb touch and the help me dark circle concealer to try out for my tutorial... ^__^

okay without further due here are the pictures
and i just filmed my korean flawless look just now and here are the pictures

will upload the video tonight because im still editing them ^^

i would give A+ for packaging and the cuteness. 
i was really surprised by the coverage for this concealer it is very high coverage and at the same time it gives a very glowy effect. i thought it would only give a glowy effect but i was wrong , very high coverage and smooth.
the brush is also very soft and smooth, really suitable when you are applying them under your eyes because under eye is very sensitive and delicate and this brush fits perfectly.

just as i thought the quality of the bb cream-highlighter is really good! 
but we have to be very careful when we want to pump the products don't pump too strong cos the products will come out alot, so we have to be abit careful. other than that i have nothing to say bad about this silky bb touch highlighter just like what the other gurus have raved about, good quality, affordable and gives a glowy and shimmering effect that we girls like ! not over glowy, and doesn't give that oily look.

i have tried the lioele blooming shimmer pearl base and they are really nice and silky 
i love it perfect for any weather and season. it gives you a baby-ish or dolly-ish look, if you want to go for a glowy base this are to go for.

look how glowy they are

i actually have lots of acne scarring or redness but i only need to apply lotion, pearl base,help me dark circle concealer and highlighter bb cream, and it already cover the whole redness. it also gives a very smooth radiant skin that most of korean actress have. 

i am really satisfied with these products ^^

if you are wondering where to buy this product you can now purchase them at lilies shop
their shop is based in canada and all of their products are ready stock so you dont have to worry about pre ordering and waiting for it to come for a long time.
very friendly customer service and you can also find them on facebook,

if you're worried whether they ship worldwide or not, they ship worldwide as well girls and it takes from 1-2 weeks  ;)
in my case, i dont have problem waiting for one week cos its from canada and shipped all the way to korea so i can totally understand that it would take sometime.mine took around 1 week to arrive.

stay tuned for the tutorial guys!

love love


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