Saturday, January 22, 2011

next tutorials ?

i have few simple tutorials in mind right now

1. smokey mono lid eye make up tutorial

2. sexy clubbing look tutorial

3.romantic valentines day look

or maybe an inspired look..

if you guys have any other suggestions for what kind of tutorials i should do please drop by in the comment

will wait for your response ^^

good nite dolls!



  1. hi thanks for your comment!^^

    I can't wait for your new tutorials^____^
    I'm sure you'll do a great job^^

  2. aww thanks ^^ i will do the new tutorial after lunar new year cos we celebrate it in korea as well

  3. Hey, I'm relatively new to your blog but love it :) can't wait to see the romantic valentine's day look tutorial! Hugs from Europe!

  4. hi misha thank you for stopping by to my blog! <3 i will do the romantic look cos i also been thinking about it since its going to be valentines day soon ^^ stay tune more cos i just got my package for circle lenses, i will do a review on them soon. huugs <3 <3

  5. okies girls i will do the romantic pink valentines day look after chinese new year ^^ so stay tuned thank you guys sooo much for dropping by and commenting my blog so nice of you all ^^ hugs!

  6. hey i came across your vid at YT and i love it! :) can you do a gyaru style of makeup? perhaps a simple one. thanks! :)

  7. sure i will do them after chinese new year sorry if it is going to be abit late but i need to get my chinese new year money first *hihi* from my parents so that i could get the stuffs for the tutorial. i will definetaly do them cos i have been thinking to do the gyaru make up as well. thank you for stopping by ika ^^