Wednesday, January 19, 2011

the lucy darling edition eyeshadow palette *ETUDE HOUSE

hey guys this is just an update on ETUDE HOUSE latest eyeshadow palette series.
it is called lucy darling eyeshadows, i fell in love with these super cute case and the palette colours.
it's available in 4 colours if im not mistaken, the warm palette, smokey palette, colourful palette and etc.
etude house keeps on impressing me with their quality of make up products and also their prices which are highly affordable for all students.

it costs around 12 dollars for these palette. i mean for 12 dollar it is super worth it. some make up products outer case designs are not attractive and sometimes they tend to be too simple and boring.
now you can confidently show your friends when you're trying to fix your eyeshadow colour or just simply look at your gorgeous face on the mirror . ;)

i can't wait to get them as well, i will definetaly do a swatches for these warm palette ones.
they are gorgeous i tried them on the shop 4 days ago and i immediately fell in love with it.

hope you guys enjoy this blog

and stay kawaii!

sunny bunny<3

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