Friday, January 21, 2011


hi dolls,
 If you are a beginner in make up, lioele is a good product to start with.Many youtube gurus and korean professional make up artist rave and used lioele products as well.if you are wondering where to get them , they are available at lilies shop  

lioele just released their brand new line called dollish, from the look of the design it is more edgy and sexier.
somehow the name of it reminds me of tsubasa masuwaka's candydoll line. the lipstick colours are goregous, i couldn't wait to try these myself too. 


for the power i have seen the review done by a youtube guru she said this packaging for powder is better because you could adjust the products how much you want to apply them to your face without wasting lots of products.

there are ranges of lipstick colours as well, and if you like a nudy look then definetaly try the nudy pink one, but if you like a really significant colour on you lips red is defintaly a go.

i have watched the review on the mascara as well, the special thing about this mascara you don't have to twist them by rolling the mascara holder, lioele dollish mascara has come up with a great idea by providing a twisting kit on the head of the holder. now you don't have to work so hard to get the curl.

for more pictures and products please visit : lilies shop

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