Tuesday, January 11, 2011


As from the title above it is clear that sometimes we get shocked with hair colour transformation with korean kpop artist, sometimes when we watch their new music videos we tend to think "what were they thinking?" after a while i realised that they want to go for a certain image that suits with their concept. sometimes they lose weight, exercise,but since kpop comeback period are faster thesedays they dont have much time to exercise intensively due to their hectic schedule.
dying their hair is the easiest way to show that they are coming back in a new concept. many artist have gone from red, green , PINK, orange to blonde. now i am no longer get surprised everytime they dye their hair to an unusual hair colour. regardless the extreme colour they still look gorgeous. they are the only one who could pull off all these look. if i dye my hair orange my dad would kill me. lol
now enough from me babbling, so what i am trying to say in this blog is that no matter how many colours you try on you hair they will always go back to either mocca chocolate colour or blonde.
blonde is surprisingly a new trend for this year, girls generation sunny went blonde for her new comeback "HOOT", Gyuri from Kara also dyed her hair blonde during her promotion in japan, jessica from girls generation is famous for her "Gem bal mori" means blonde hair look, and so many other girl group members as well went blonde.
why blonde hair ?
this colour is very bright so it helps your skin to glow brighter,and also helps your make up to stand out even better. 
i have tried personally dark blonde and even for dark blonde it gives the simillar effect. 

so let's go blonde everyone XD hihi just kidding, but yes the new hair colour trend for this year..is blonde..

hope you guys enjoy this post..

talk to you guys later :)



  1. I actually enjoy seeing their new concepts each time ^^ It's one of the things, that I like about k-pop. That they are able to pull almost anything off!
    And you forgot Taemin on you blondie list, lol XD or Key?? he went a bit blonde for their Lucifer concept :p <3 (sorry, I'll stop now. you know me, when it comes to SHINee, I go crazy) XD

  2. hihi i just posted the pictures that are on my mind at that time i totally forgot to mentioned taemin's blonde hair oopsie my bad XD hihi no worries girl maybe next time i should put them up for another fashion update hihi

  3. Eh, i dyed my hair to a light brown and my skin didn't turn out brighter. It looked more like i got a tan :[