Thursday, January 20, 2011

Korean Drama must have fashion item

when we talk about korean dramas not only the stories that makes us all fall in love with these lovely and handsome actors, but the outfits and other things that they carry around with them in the dramas that makes us want to get them the next day.

2011 latest drama hits such as Secret garden, My princess, Dream high, sign, and other dramas has made their own trade mark styles for each characters this year.

I have watched it on style tv yesterday and i thought why don't i make one on my blog too?

2011 drama styles must have are:

white knitted headband, and white muffler *since the drama title is my princess we can guess that the stylist wanted to make everything white to portray the innocent white elegant royal look?* ;)

the famous hyunbin blingbling "secret garden" trademark jacket, i tell you guys this jacket is really huge in korea right now i have not seen anyone not wearing this, it is so huge they even have a replica size for kids. i was so shocked when i saw little 5 year old boy wearing this, so adorable. many other korean sitcom and varieties also wore this replicas as well. well, if hyunbin wear it who doesnt want to follow his style?

hope you guys enjoy this post ^^





  1. secret garden is one of my favourite korean dramas, i can't wait to finish it^^
    and i can't wait to begin my princess because of the beautiful story that reminds me of "romantic princess" a taiwanese drama and one of my favourite actress Kim tae hee^^
    by the way do you know where i can purchase a jacket similar to hyun bin's one?

    drey jewelry.

  2. hi audrey thank you so much for stopping by, i tried to find online and this is the only website that sells hyun bin's jacket i think here are the link :


  3. you're welcome :) thank you again for the link, so nice of you^^

  4. you're the most welcome audrey ^^ anytime feel free to message me on youtube if you want to talk about kpop or korean stuff ;)

  5. who are the celebrities who has been worn the same jacket? please make a list. thanks