Wednesday, January 12, 2011

how to apply double eyelid stickers

hey ya doll,

i just got a double eyelid sticker yesterday when i was shopping for my friend zarah for our swap, and i found the eye charm double eyelid sticker. it was 1 dollar but they were having 50% discount so i got them for 50 cents! crazy right?

i got so excited when i got home and i immediately tried them on the first 4 pairs i FAILED like seriously it was so hard cos i sticked it near my eyelash line and the crease cut ended up looking so ugly, then after that i tried again for another 30 minutes finally i found the right spot to stick these little devils on! yipeey!

so will show you how i do enjooy

now let's get started! 
first we have to be able to tell which one is the right angle of sticker to use, if you are thinking this one..this is the wrong angle...

this is the correct one, so dont do anything yet, just stay focus and remmember that this angle is the right one, and you will twist this to the sticky side and apply them on your lid.

now when it comes to sticking them on your lid, don't come too close the the eyelash line area, it will create a very bad eyelid crease shape later on.

try to keep abit distance from the inner corner of your eyes and stick it abit in the middle area so that i will give you the natural eyelid look.

now that you have put them on do not blink first, try to press the sticker so that it will last long.

are you ready? now blink ;)

there you go, your natural double eyelid is done! :)

hope this is helpful for those who wanted to try double eyelid stickers for the first time.



i need to improve more on how to put double eyelid after make up this one is terrible the eyelid doesnt blend in well with the make up T.T hehehe anyways have a nice day guys!


  1. Thank you! I was actually wondering how to put those on! xD

  2. you're welcome! <3 stay tune to for tutorials ^^

  3. wow, I think your so pretty! i saw your flawless actress tutorial and i gotta say, your quite gorgeous ;)
    and i totally think you look so much prettier without double lids! Although its more convenient for makeup i guess. Nowadays all the asians are going for double lids and its a bummer since monolids are unique to asians. :(

  4. i like having monolids actually cos i can play around with make up, and whenever i feel like i want to have double eyelid and other styled make up i could use double eyelid sticker i dont think its that bad having monolid ^^ thank you so much , im flattered :)