Sunday, January 30, 2011

himegyaru/gyaru simple inspired look *trial*

hey dolls

i was just trying out my new false eyelashes from brightness and i was combining two false eyelashes and it came out pretty cute, it reminds me of dollywink so i decided to do the whole make up for this look,

please let me know if i should do this tutorial by commenting ^^

to be honest i had a tough time trying to pose like tsubasa masuwaka XD

pls let me know whether i should do this tutorial or not ^^


  1. you look very pretty sunny :) you remind me of yoon eun hye, don't know why, it's just like that haha lol

  2. ouh please do! btw i have to agree with audrey. you look like yoon eun hye :D

  3. @audrey: aww thank you ^^
    @ika: i will dear after chinese new year XD cant wait btw ^^ aww thanks ^^

  4. The look looks so cute on you!^__^*
    You defenetly should do the tutorial!<3

  5. @yumeko: aww thanks i will do this tutorial soon ^^ im getting some nyx stuffs from cherry culture hopefully i will get my chinese new year money XD so that i could shop right away :P thanks for visiting my blog yumeko

    @yurina: sure i will do this tutorial soon ^^

  6. You should do a tutorial! Can't wait ^^
    I love everything Hime Gyaru<3
    Nice blog!