Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Haul:my korean accesories or kawaii swap with Zarah

hi dolls,

i have actually made a video about this but i will post this pictures first so let you guys know what i got for my swap and also for myself.

this will be mostly hair accesories korean hair accesories are so adorable and cute. and that's what zarah my friend wanted to i got these for her. hihi i tried to get colourful stuffs cos it wont be fun if i buy everything in pink XD.

hope you guys enjoy them.

i was like love at first sight with this pink and black hairpin so adorable! i like the pink rhinestones details on it.

i saw many korean celebrities wearing this, i went to the shop and saw many pictures being sticked on the wall showing that this accesories are one of the best selling ones, so i bought it. ^^

this is very simple but alos one of the best selling one, popular among students as well and saw girls generation yoona wore it star golden bell, and i thought zarah would like this.

hey i got this one for myself and one for zarah aswell! i got mine with shocking pink colour, so this baby pink one is hers. so kawaii right? :)

this "bang conveniene stick" has been raved about by many beauty gurus on youtube and i was surprised that they sell it in korea, so i got one for myself and one for zarah as well. this is used when you have fringe or side hair that is bothering you when you want to put your make up on. it helps alot, it doesnt give you a terrible mark if you wear a headband or other hair clips. this is very flexible.

last but not least, i got this and they are half size of my palm hihi abit big but so cute i thought it would be cute if zarah use it as the high japanese bun accesory. ^^

anyways that all i dont have much money hihi..

hope you guys enjoy this post


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