Monday, January 24, 2011


hi girls,

this is going to be a circle lens review ^^

yay finally! fuwa fuwa lens sent me 2 pairs of lenses as i have mentioned on my earlier post
and this is geo nudy golden blue.

basic info:

CODE: CH-932
Lens Type: 1 Year
DIA: 14.0 mm
Base Curve: 8.6 mm
Water Content: 38%
Powers available: Plano
(In-stock available - 2 pairs)
i was really surprised when i put them on in the bathroom and it look rather green, but when i on the light it was kind of  blue-greyish colour. i really like the colour changes when its dark and when there is light.sometimes it will also look grey.kind of myterious in a way i really like it! and if you are familiar with nudy lenses they colour and design pattern are very sparkly and dolly-ish if you want to achieve the dolly eye look, nudy is a good choice.

for comfort wise, it is really comfortable! 
i feel like i am not wearing anything, the one that made me uncomfortable was my false eyelashes, but thats pretty much off from the topic so, i have nothing bad to say about this one. really pretty colour, and i heard there is a pink version of this lenses so i could not wait to try them out next time ^^.

last but not least the enlargement is surprisingly big, not too big and not too small. just nice, on the bottle it is written 14 mm, but the enlargement is more than 14 mm i think it will be around 14.3 mm .
so without further due here are the pictures ;)

i hope you guys enjoyed this review ^^

will post the new tutorial soon after chinese new year



  1. Wow! I should try these... even though I'm a guy kekekekek

  2. you should get it! :) its pretty kool i like the colour and the enlargement isnt that crazy so okay for guys as well ;)