Monday, January 24, 2011

GEO MEDICAL Berry Cessy Gray review

hi girls! 
finally the lenses has arrived!

fuwa fuwa lens has been very generous to send me 2 pairs of lenses to try out and review, 
the lenses arrived in the morning today. i was expecting it to arrive on friday morning but it turned out the package arrived to the post office korea around friday evening, and they dont work on saturday and monday since its weekend. so it arrived today. 

first i will review the berry cessy one, this one is more of natural colour and i don't think we could compare to other big diameter circle lenses because this series is more for normal coloured lenses type. 
so i will not tell you how the enlargement effect are cos basically the diameter is not that big.

if you like a natural looking coloured lenses, and not really into big dolly diameter lens these are definetaly to go for. 
the colour effect looks very mature and edgy. so if you are aiming for that look, these are great choice of lenses for you. the colour that are available for these series: grey, blue,green,brown and purple.
for comfort wise very comfortable, i think because of the natural sized diameter that kind of fits perfecly to my eye size it doesnt give me any problem. for monolids you dont have to worry if the lens is going to cover your whole eyes or if you are going to fell that the lenses is running here and there whenever you blink your eyes. they fits perfectly and doesnt move around. ^^
basic info:
CODE: CM-901
Lens Type: 1 Year
DIA: 14.0 mm
Base Curve: 8.6 mm
Water Content: 38%
Powers available: -0.00 ~ -8.50

geo authenticity check sticker is a must check for a new circle lens buyer or any circle lens buyer because it will determine which one is original and which one is the fake one. so be careful girls. ^^ fuwa fuwa lens have all authenticity stickers check so no need to worry about getting a fake lenses. they are very secure shop and very reliable.

when i saw this little bag, i was screaming it is really cute and you can use this as a mini make up bag to put all you lipglosses or lipbalm in it. very good customer service.

if you are wondering how to open the contact lens bottle correctly it has to come out like this after you take it off. this is the right way of opening it. ^^

there is one more pair that i will be reviewing them soon, so stay tune kawaii girls!

-sunny sunny-

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