Friday, January 28, 2011

cherry culture madness

hi girls,

i just found a website that sells super cheap NYX make up! oh my god, i am super happy right now, i am so getting them when i get my money on chinese new year, i am planning to purchase mostly lip products, lipglosses and lipsticks cos i have heard lots of great stuff about them. sadly when i went to the store it was no longer 1 dollar sale anymore per lipstick now the price has gone up to 2.99 usd if im not mistaken but still! worth it !
in korea it costs like 9 dollar per lipstick and that's crazy i will not buy it from there and i do NOT recommend any of you guys who are currently living in korea to purchase it here.

what i will be purchasing:

Lipstick:*mostly nude colour lipstick*

-pumpkin pie

lipgloss(NYX girls round lipgloss):
-pinky natural

the reason why im getting whipped for the lipgloss is because the colour is realy nudy-ish and i think it will wok well as a coating colour for the nude lipstick im purchasing.

i really can't wait to order these stuffs, and i can't believe i jusst know about this shop ! XD

super happy can't wait to do my haul soon!
i might purchase something more since they are super affordble so stay tune!

if you are not familiar with cherry culture you can click here

happy shopping ladies



  1. The NYX products go on sale quite often on Cherry Culture (like 20-30% I think). And free shipping on over $40 purchase also (not sure about international shipping thou~) So you can wait and get them for even cheaper. Anw, $2.99 is still a great price since NYX lipstick is about $5-8 at Ulta or Walmart.

  2. hi yukie unfortunately i couldnt get anything from cherryculture or ebay cos my paypal didnt work i think i need a credit card for the finaly payment, so yeah it sucks :'( i have to buy them in korea or when i go back to indonesia,they sell it like 5 dollars there and in korea they sell it like 8 dollars :'( i want to cry right now :(
    like so expensive

  3. Yeah I know, such a pain eh~
    But the same thing goes to Korean makeup here in the States ㅠㅇㅠ~
    Guess we should do swap sometimes :)