Friday, January 14, 2011

Can't afford JiLL Stuart? there is an alternative !

many of us student who are in university are dying to get these brand, not only for the great quality but also because of the great packaging and design.

but since we are all students, our budget are limited, jill stuart its a higher end make up. now don't be sad ladies, i recently found the alternative for jill stuart replacement!

yipeey! VOV released their new make up line series called CASTLE DEW now the design really resembles jill stuart and many of other youtube gurus has compared this to jillstuart aswell due to the simillar design and the similar eye shadow colours.

i personally prefer to buy this instead of jill stuart now, if you can get something simillar for cheaper price then why not?


 eventhough the are not EXACTLY , but overall when you look at castle dew it will reminds you of jill stuart.
i dont think castle dew is that bad, VOV is coming back strong many people who bought this from the internet were really satisfied. vov castle dew eye palette is one of my top list make up product to buy this year.

so anyways, feeling better ladies?

i am happy that i found the alterntive for jill stuart too! i am so excited to share with you all ;)

hope you guys enjoy this post

love love

sunny bunny

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