Sunday, January 30, 2011

himegyaru/gyaru simple inspired look *trial*

hey dolls

i was just trying out my new false eyelashes from brightness and i was combining two false eyelashes and it came out pretty cute, it reminds me of dollywink so i decided to do the whole make up for this look,

please let me know if i should do this tutorial by commenting ^^

to be honest i had a tough time trying to pose like tsubasa masuwaka XD

pls let me know whether i should do this tutorial or not ^^

Friday, January 28, 2011

cherry culture madness

hi girls,

i just found a website that sells super cheap NYX make up! oh my god, i am super happy right now, i am so getting them when i get my money on chinese new year, i am planning to purchase mostly lip products, lipglosses and lipsticks cos i have heard lots of great stuff about them. sadly when i went to the store it was no longer 1 dollar sale anymore per lipstick now the price has gone up to 2.99 usd if im not mistaken but still! worth it !
in korea it costs like 9 dollar per lipstick and that's crazy i will not buy it from there and i do NOT recommend any of you guys who are currently living in korea to purchase it here.

what i will be purchasing:

Lipstick:*mostly nude colour lipstick*

-pumpkin pie

lipgloss(NYX girls round lipgloss):
-pinky natural

the reason why im getting whipped for the lipgloss is because the colour is realy nudy-ish and i think it will wok well as a coating colour for the nude lipstick im purchasing.

i really can't wait to order these stuffs, and i can't believe i jusst know about this shop ! XD

super happy can't wait to do my haul soon!
i might purchase something more since they are super affordble so stay tune!

if you are not familiar with cherry culture you can click here

happy shopping ladies


Tuesday, January 25, 2011


hi kawaii girls,

It's really cold right now in korea i hope you guys are doing okay and for those who are living in cold weather country please wear warm clothing cos it's really important to dress warm rather than focusing more on dressing up and style. for minus 17 celcius i don't really care about fashion anymore too cold to look stylish XD i will rather go with warm jackets , jeans and ugg boots.

anyways i just want to tell you guys that i have 2 upcoming circle lenses review for you, and they are G&G Max pure pink and Beaucon jewel pink.

first thing when i saw the max pure pink on youtube gurus review, "OH MY GOD I have to get those"
its pink! *I'm a sucker to anything that's pink*

i saw jen from head to toe did a review on max pure pink and it looked really pretty on her, and she has monolids as well! i could not wait to wear this really cute looking lens.

from the design pattern of the lens, it looked rather very sheer and soft i think this is why many people who got this pair said it blends in well nicely with a dark colour and doesnt look that artifical like super nudy pink.

*little note: i have heard the effect on bright coloured eyes doesnt really give you a pink look when you wear this lenses, if you want it to look really significant and pink i suggest to try super nudy pink. ^^

i can't wait!

now moving on to beaucon jewel brown, now i was abit confused because they have so many names in different brands, Geo medical also have released their version of this lenses and it is called sakura lenses, so does EOS. I hesitated in the beginning on which one to get and finally i have decided to get beaucon jewel series instead.

I'm getting the brown colour, and if you guys notice the pattern this lenses is HUGE in japan, many japanese Gyaru model wear it on their photo shoots.

aren't they pretty?

so stay tuned for the review! ^^

-love SUNNY BUNNY- <3

Monday, January 24, 2011


hi girls,

this is going to be a circle lens review ^^

yay finally! fuwa fuwa lens sent me 2 pairs of lenses as i have mentioned on my earlier post
and this is geo nudy golden blue.

basic info:

CODE: CH-932
Lens Type: 1 Year
DIA: 14.0 mm
Base Curve: 8.6 mm
Water Content: 38%
Powers available: Plano
(In-stock available - 2 pairs)
i was really surprised when i put them on in the bathroom and it look rather green, but when i on the light it was kind of  blue-greyish colour. i really like the colour changes when its dark and when there is light.sometimes it will also look grey.kind of myterious in a way i really like it! and if you are familiar with nudy lenses they colour and design pattern are very sparkly and dolly-ish if you want to achieve the dolly eye look, nudy is a good choice.

for comfort wise, it is really comfortable! 
i feel like i am not wearing anything, the one that made me uncomfortable was my false eyelashes, but thats pretty much off from the topic so, i have nothing bad to say about this one. really pretty colour, and i heard there is a pink version of this lenses so i could not wait to try them out next time ^^.

last but not least the enlargement is surprisingly big, not too big and not too small. just nice, on the bottle it is written 14 mm, but the enlargement is more than 14 mm i think it will be around 14.3 mm .
so without further due here are the pictures ;)

i hope you guys enjoyed this review ^^

will post the new tutorial soon after chinese new year


GEO MEDICAL Berry Cessy Gray review

hi girls! 
finally the lenses has arrived!

fuwa fuwa lens has been very generous to send me 2 pairs of lenses to try out and review, 
the lenses arrived in the morning today. i was expecting it to arrive on friday morning but it turned out the package arrived to the post office korea around friday evening, and they dont work on saturday and monday since its weekend. so it arrived today. 

first i will review the berry cessy one, this one is more of natural colour and i don't think we could compare to other big diameter circle lenses because this series is more for normal coloured lenses type. 
so i will not tell you how the enlargement effect are cos basically the diameter is not that big.

if you like a natural looking coloured lenses, and not really into big dolly diameter lens these are definetaly to go for. 
the colour effect looks very mature and edgy. so if you are aiming for that look, these are great choice of lenses for you. the colour that are available for these series: grey, blue,green,brown and purple.
for comfort wise very comfortable, i think because of the natural sized diameter that kind of fits perfecly to my eye size it doesnt give me any problem. for monolids you dont have to worry if the lens is going to cover your whole eyes or if you are going to fell that the lenses is running here and there whenever you blink your eyes. they fits perfectly and doesnt move around. ^^
basic info:
CODE: CM-901
Lens Type: 1 Year
DIA: 14.0 mm
Base Curve: 8.6 mm
Water Content: 38%
Powers available: -0.00 ~ -8.50

geo authenticity check sticker is a must check for a new circle lens buyer or any circle lens buyer because it will determine which one is original and which one is the fake one. so be careful girls. ^^ fuwa fuwa lens have all authenticity stickers check so no need to worry about getting a fake lenses. they are very secure shop and very reliable.

when i saw this little bag, i was screaming it is really cute and you can use this as a mini make up bag to put all you lipglosses or lipbalm in it. very good customer service.

if you are wondering how to open the contact lens bottle correctly it has to come out like this after you take it off. this is the right way of opening it. ^^

there is one more pair that i will be reviewing them soon, so stay tune kawaii girls!

-sunny sunny-

Saturday, January 22, 2011

next tutorials ?

i have few simple tutorials in mind right now

1. smokey mono lid eye make up tutorial

2. sexy clubbing look tutorial

3.romantic valentines day look

or maybe an inspired look..

if you guys have any other suggestions for what kind of tutorials i should do please drop by in the comment

will wait for your response ^^

good nite dolls!


Friday, January 21, 2011


hi dolls,
 If you are a beginner in make up, lioele is a good product to start with.Many youtube gurus and korean professional make up artist rave and used lioele products as well.if you are wondering where to get them , they are available at lilies shop  

lioele just released their brand new line called dollish, from the look of the design it is more edgy and sexier.
somehow the name of it reminds me of tsubasa masuwaka's candydoll line. the lipstick colours are goregous, i couldn't wait to try these myself too. 


for the power i have seen the review done by a youtube guru she said this packaging for powder is better because you could adjust the products how much you want to apply them to your face without wasting lots of products.

there are ranges of lipstick colours as well, and if you like a nudy look then definetaly try the nudy pink one, but if you like a really significant colour on you lips red is defintaly a go.

i have watched the review on the mascara as well, the special thing about this mascara you don't have to twist them by rolling the mascara holder, lioele dollish mascara has come up with a great idea by providing a twisting kit on the head of the holder. now you don't have to work so hard to get the curl.

for more pictures and products please visit : lilies shop

and don't forget to type discount code: Sunny to get 10% discount! ^^

korean actress flawless look tutorial

products im using:

lioele (lioele products now can be purchased at lilies shop) :

-silky highlighter bb touch
-help me dark circle concealer
-blooming shimmer pearl base pink

mascara: maybelline VOLUM express cay eyes mascara waterproof

blusher: tony moly crustal blusher no.3 pleasure peach

eyeliner: naughty girls by bavi phat

now you can get 10% discount from lilies shop by writting the discount code : Sunny 
when you purchase these item or any other item.

hope you guys enjoy the tutorial ^^



Thursday, January 20, 2011

the parcel has arrived! *LIOELE PRODUCTS* sponsored by

hi guys i got so excited this afternoon when i got a parcel on my mail,

and lilies shop has been really nice to send me many samples and along with the silky highlighter bb touch and the help me dark circle concealer to try out for my tutorial... ^__^

okay without further due here are the pictures
and i just filmed my korean flawless look just now and here are the pictures

will upload the video tonight because im still editing them ^^

i would give A+ for packaging and the cuteness. 
i was really surprised by the coverage for this concealer it is very high coverage and at the same time it gives a very glowy effect. i thought it would only give a glowy effect but i was wrong , very high coverage and smooth.
the brush is also very soft and smooth, really suitable when you are applying them under your eyes because under eye is very sensitive and delicate and this brush fits perfectly.

just as i thought the quality of the bb cream-highlighter is really good! 
but we have to be very careful when we want to pump the products don't pump too strong cos the products will come out alot, so we have to be abit careful. other than that i have nothing to say bad about this silky bb touch highlighter just like what the other gurus have raved about, good quality, affordable and gives a glowy and shimmering effect that we girls like ! not over glowy, and doesn't give that oily look.

i have tried the lioele blooming shimmer pearl base and they are really nice and silky 
i love it perfect for any weather and season. it gives you a baby-ish or dolly-ish look, if you want to go for a glowy base this are to go for.

look how glowy they are

i actually have lots of acne scarring or redness but i only need to apply lotion, pearl base,help me dark circle concealer and highlighter bb cream, and it already cover the whole redness. it also gives a very smooth radiant skin that most of korean actress have. 

i am really satisfied with these products ^^

if you are wondering where to buy this product you can now purchase them at lilies shop
their shop is based in canada and all of their products are ready stock so you dont have to worry about pre ordering and waiting for it to come for a long time.
very friendly customer service and you can also find them on facebook,

if you're worried whether they ship worldwide or not, they ship worldwide as well girls and it takes from 1-2 weeks  ;)
in my case, i dont have problem waiting for one week cos its from canada and shipped all the way to korea so i can totally understand that it would take sometime.mine took around 1 week to arrive.

stay tuned for the tutorial guys!

love love


Korean Drama must have fashion item

when we talk about korean dramas not only the stories that makes us all fall in love with these lovely and handsome actors, but the outfits and other things that they carry around with them in the dramas that makes us want to get them the next day.

2011 latest drama hits such as Secret garden, My princess, Dream high, sign, and other dramas has made their own trade mark styles for each characters this year.

I have watched it on style tv yesterday and i thought why don't i make one on my blog too?

2011 drama styles must have are:

white knitted headband, and white muffler *since the drama title is my princess we can guess that the stylist wanted to make everything white to portray the innocent white elegant royal look?* ;)

the famous hyunbin blingbling "secret garden" trademark jacket, i tell you guys this jacket is really huge in korea right now i have not seen anyone not wearing this, it is so huge they even have a replica size for kids. i was so shocked when i saw little 5 year old boy wearing this, so adorable. many other korean sitcom and varieties also wore this replicas as well. well, if hyunbin wear it who doesnt want to follow his style?

hope you guys enjoy this post ^^