Monday, December 26, 2011


Hello lovelies!

long time no blog post again, >_< sorry. it just that i had lots of things to do (not that im "trying" to look like "oh-im-so-busy-ALL-the-TIME" kind of attitude) but i was occupied with my graduate admission to states and uni life been keeping me stressed up for one full month. I had like non stop case analysis, case studies, papers, group presentation i felt like fainting last month XD to any law school candidates THINK TWICE!

no sleep for you will be normal, so if you applying just because it looked cool in court you'll have a tough time adjusting to the amount of assignments you get here. just saying.. *one frustrated law school student right here * lol

anyways , i felt so way behind on my video update here on my blog so decided to post it up for you guys in case you havent subbed to my channel. ^__^

i was inspired by city hunter and spy myungwol to do this look i hope you guys enjoy this tutorial as much as i did filming it ^__^ and the gun is not real btw :P 


ok let's admit it who doesnt love "trouble maker" mv? 
hyuna looked SUPER SEXY in the video
i saw the MV and i was like i've got to do this look. ^__^
hope you guys like this look too

IU You & I MV make up inspired

IU's You & I MV is the sweetest and the cutest MV ever!
I love the concept i have to give the credit the the director of the music video, love the creativity 
man im so intrigued to be a music video director now because of whoever who directed her video. 
love her innocent look, and i find her look very simple and easy to follow for those of you girls who wants to look like IU ^__^

That's all for my kpop tutorial update videos,
i hope you lovelies enjoyed this video
and if you haven't subscribed dont forget to subscribed to my channel 

thank you!

sunny bunny will be back next year ^__^

Monday, November 14, 2011

2-in-1 Wonder Girls Be My Baby Sohee & Hyerim Inspired Tutorial

Hello candy bunnies!~

Who's excited with wonder girls come back? I AM! Finally after 1 and a half year of absence they are back. I was impressed with their song Be my baby and other tracks as well cos it is kind of different from any other kpop songs i heard before. it has its own colour and i have to give a credit to JYP for composing this song and also Ye eun! super talented member.

they are back with fierced at the same time retro look. i love the black and white concept but however i found the colourful version look which i think it will be great for fall make up as well if you simplify the eyeliner.

hope you guys enjoy the tutorial ^__^

The colourful Wonder World Jacket photo (i DO NOT OWN THE PICTURE SHOWN BELOW, I FOUND IT ON GOOGLE ) :

so here is my tutorial :


products im using:

-revlon photo ready foundation
-lioele volume cookie pact no 21
-baviphat spot liquid concealer
-ice jelly primer from nature republic
-elf mineral eyeshadow primer
-majolica majorca single eyeshadow in peach
-maybelline eye studio gel liner in black
-fiber wig mascara
-milani baked blush in luminoso
-loose pigment from born pretty store in no.30
-revlon super lustrous lipstick in sandalwood beige
Lioele Products were sent by lilies shop 
5% discount code: Sunny

If you have any kpop inspired tutorial request dont hesitate to comment down below! ^__^ 
and let me know what you guys think about this tutorial as well ;)


LOVE LETTER inspired make up tutorial

Another Blogpost before my lecturer comes in to classroom ;) !

so i was inspired by this korean drama i watched long time ago, it is kind of old but if you guys were a kdrama fan since 6th grade you might be familiar to this drama its called " endless love" starring song hae gyo, wonbin , and seong seung hun (idk whether i spelled his english alphabet name right , if i don't forgive me >.< ) it is such a sad drama i still have to pulled a tissue box  whenever i watch this episode back to back. TRUST ME IT'S SO SAD.

okay, now back to the tutorial. I wanted to do a look for people who are in love and who wants to confess to their loved ones or crush. :) so this goes out to all you girls out there !

the look is mainly focused on the soft eyeshadow to portray the innocent & feminime image at the same time it is supported by the droopy eye look. i thought this combination look will be really suitable for the theme of the tutorial today.

SO, without further due i hope you guys enjoy this tutorial !~ 


-lioele water drop bb
-bavphat spot liquid concealer
-lioele volume cookie pact no 21
-maybelline eye studio 24 hour lasting gel liner in black
-majolica majorca jewelling eyes eyeshadow paletter in brown
-VOV castledew single eyeshadow in muse pink
-rimmel glam eyes lash flirt mascara
-MAC mineralized blush in dainty
-MAC venomous villain lipgloss

Lioele products were sent by lilies shop

5% discount code : Sunny

I have an upcoming bb cream review for you guys I'll do my best to do a comparison review as well in it and also try ot be more comprehensive in the future. i hope you look forward to it! ^__^
and also since I already done the confession make up video, should I do the break up make up video too? XD

Don't forget to comment down below <3



Sunday, October 30, 2011

Eyecandylens Review: Macaron aqua blue

Hello lovelies bunnies,

it is a sunny day here in Indonesia, i am in such a great mood today. (eventhough i was late for my morning class cos i couldn't hear my alarm) but still everything is going very smoothly now, i hope you all are doing fine :).
So, i have a circle lens review for you guys today. These gorgeous pair of blue lenses and rohto lychee eyedrop were sent to me by eyecandylens , and they contacted me 2 weeks ago and asked whether i could review lenses from their online shop. i was so excited after i checked their website out they carries RANGES of circle lenses there. it is very neatly organized, and classified into colours, style and brand. how cool is that?
you can choose many types of blue circle lenses m or other colours.

I wanted something abit different this time, so i picked this macaroon shimmer blue circle lenses cos when i saw this, immeadiately reminded me of my junior high school days where i only wanted to wear blue contacts. the reason why i loved wearing blue contacts back then was because it brings out my complexion and makes my skin look alot paler than usual. <3

i always love dollfie *japanese jointed ball doll* and always love japanese porcelain doll with jet black hair and blue eyes. so everytime i wear blue contacts it reminds me of it. :D

                                                         so this is what eyecandylens sent me  <3

anyways enought from the rambling, lets move on to the review:


the colour i would say they are more vibrant and on the colour contacts side. because as we all know circle lenses carries more subtle looking design compared to colour lenses. the colour is more on the saphire marine blue colour.


the design follows more on the standard color blue lenses. but, however what makes this one look alot different than others is that it has a golden flake on the inner ring. thisgive an illusion that you have a honey brown iris. isnt that pretty?


To be honest, im the type of person if i like one brand i would be loyal til the end. but recently i have encourage myself to try out other brand and be more adventurous. I was abit skeptical that the comfort might not be as good as geo, but after i tried them on i was wrong. i started to think, "how come these lenses are not popular?" they are as comfortable as geo, i dont feel any dryness up to 4 hours. which is good for people who want to wear it to uni or to work.
so for comfort i would give this 4.5/5

additional information:

just like any other korean circle lenses macaroon has 1 year life span.
diameter: 14.5 mm
water content: 38%

they also sent me this card to write down when you open your lenses and when it expire to keep you on track to get another one before it expires. HOW COOL IS THAT? i am very strict when it comes to my circle lenses and i always write them down on my small circle lens note. just to know which one is expiring soon. so this card does come in handy..seriously, impressed.

also for those of you who wants to buy a circle lenses and try them on for the first time they include the instuction paper on how to open the lens bottle, how to know when the lenses are upside down and etc.

2 words for this online shop:

organized and very customer friendly.

Rohto Lychee :

okay, this eyedrop first of all is the CUTEST eyedrop EVER. look at the packaging guys. so pretty *__*
and it is as good as it looks. suitable for people who wear contact lenses to school and to work for long hours infront of computer. this will be the eyedrop you might want to carry around with you. it gives a very refreshing minty feeling on your eyes (not in a stinging minty way, but refreshing way).
i used this couple of times, and I LOVE IT. though the only down side of it is it is more on the pricy side of eye drop but it is worth every penny.

so if you are wondering to get a new eye drop, i highly recommend this.

So thats all for my review, i hope you guys find this review helpful.
if you have any question please dont hesitate to ask ;) i dont bite.
i will do a tutorial wearing these lenses , super excited cos its pretty bold <3 ^__^ provided me a discount code for you all if you want to purchase a pair of lenses from them

5% Disc code: sunnydahye

dont forget to check this awesome website out guys, highly recommended

love you all bunnies!


Saturday, October 22, 2011


Hello girlies!

I've been feeling guilty for not being able to post anything on my blog sorry for being missing for too long
i just realised trying to maintain 3 things at the same time its not as easy as i thought. But i will try to be more active on blogging hopefully i'll try to blog consistantly from now on.
I have many tutorial i havent posted on this blog i promise you i will get back on that soon.but meanwhile~!

I have latest tutorial to share with you guys today and it's the SNSD THE BOYS MV INSPIRED LOOK TODAY!
who's excited for the girls come back?*raise your hand!* trust me i was so excited too. especially tiffany cos i've been her fan for quite sometime now. been loving her style ever since "factory girl".

so here are the pictures first :

Now the tutorial:


Products i used:

-lioele water drop bb
-spot liquid concealer by baviphat
-lioele volume cookie pact no 21
-laneige liquid liner
-dejavu fiberwig mascara
-majolica majorca jewelling eyes in brown
-stick eyeshadow in white from baviphat

Lioele products were sponsored by lilies shop
5% disc code: Sunny

additional side note: i am not TRYING to be tiffany or WANTING to look like her
this is purely inspired look on how to achieve make up like her based from the the boys music video

I hope you guys find the tutorial helpful, 
if any question regarding the tutorial pls dont hesitate to drop a comment :)
would love to read feedback from you guys <3



Hello, Lovely candy bunnies!

I have another kpop tutorial for those of you who loves kpop so much

and this is Girl's generation yoona inspired look from their music video "THE BOYS" if you guys havent watched it here is the MV:


Here's the tutorial on her look:

Products I'm using:

-etude house bb precious mineral in shade no.2
-lioele volume cookie pact no 21 nude beige
-lioele air chiffon shadow in sandy gold
-majolica majorca jewelling eyes in brown
-12 shimmer eyeshadow palette
-laneige liquid liner
-rimmel mascara glam eyes lash flirt in black
-de ja vu fiber wig mascara
-missha m shimmer wave blush in peach
-nyx round lipstick in circe
-maybeline watershine collagen gloss in coral

Lioele products were sent by lilies shop
5% disc code: Sunny
12 shimmer pallete were sent by born pretty store
5% disc code: SDK31

Thank you so much for reading ^__^
if you have any other request on tutorial dont forget to comment down below, i'll try 
to get back at your comments asap 

have a great weekend everyone!


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Swap With Beautybyelsa

hi lovelies,

i have a blogpost on my recent swap with Elsa , this is actually my first U.S swap and i am super excited to try all the things she sent me. she went abit overboard with the products, >.< which she shouldnt have cos i feel like she's spoiling me so much! thank you elsa

i'll list down first on what she got me :

-Wet n Wild 8 pan eyeshadow palettes comfort zone, and blue had me at hello
-phyisician formula happy booster glow and mood boosting powder and blush
-nyc bronzer
-nyc lipgloss
-sally hansen lipgloss


gorgeous colors...i didnt even dare to swatch it first cos every swatches counts! lol


i only asked her to get me the powder one but she also got me the blush
it smells so good! i put them on my blush drawer, and the whole blush drawer smells like physician formula! 


i always wanted to try many bronzer cos we dont have many bronzer here in asia >.<
thank you for being so thoughtful elsa <3 <3


i love the nyc one! super moisturising for a lipgloss been carrying it around on my pur

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

SPONSORED REVIEW : Lioele volume cookie pact, lioele marbling blusher,lioele artist auto eyebrow, and silver key necklace

Hi lovelies,
today's blog post is going to be lioele products review sponsored by Lilies Shop , and i know the video has been up there on my channel for 5 days now, i am so sorry for being slacking off from blogging i just had tons of assignments and papers piling up on my table and it was just so stressful.
what lilies shop sent me:

- Lioele volume cookie pact
-Lioele marbling blusher
-Lioele artis auto eyebrow
-silver key necklace from their website.

it took me abit longer than usual because i just want to try them out abit longer and tell you guys what i think about it. i have the feeling some of them are going to be included on my june favourites for next month, cos i have been constanly using it NON-STOP!

okay enough from my ramble, lets move on to the review


i have to be honest with you guys i used to be very skeptical when it comes to products that have really great packaging, because many of other brand cute packaging i tried tend to disappoint me with their quality.
BUT! Lioele has always prove me wrong , they have the cutest packaging ever, and their quality is just great.
i thought pact wont be as good as other powder i tried. but this one is actually really good. i have been wearing this almost everyday now. what i like about this pact is that it works as a powder and it also works as a twin cake. it also have an spf 25 in it which is really good. in the beginning when i swatched it it looked abit white, but as soon as i use my powder brush, it just blends in very well on my skin, very translucent.

if you are in a shade lighter from nc 25  i highly suggest you guys to try out #21 nude beige.

the pact lasted on me pretty good, i would say their lasting power on my face is pretty descent.

the packaging is just gorgeous, it has a crystal on the top of the lioele cinderella carriage and the details on the packaging is a thumbs up!
it look really like a high end packaging for a reasonable price, i love it.


the packaging of volume cookie pact and marbling blusher are exactly the same. so dont expect them to be more fancier. ( it's already so fancy what more do you want?? lol)

from packaging wise, the only thing that separates this blusher and the pact is their color. marbling blusher is in colour pink while the pact is in the colour of silver.

now on to the highlighter, it comes with a free mini blush brush and if i compare it to the blush brush from the physician formula happy booster blush this one is MUCH MORE in a better quality (trust me). you dont have to get another brush to apply this highlighter. the quality of this brush is so soft and even though i have a separate blush brush i dont even bother taking them out from my vanity. i just use this one and it applies everything nicely.

the shimmer on this highlighter i have to say 9/10 i love this highlighter so much, i have been using this alot on my latest tutorial. the shimmer is not showy but not that overwhelmingly white either. but what makes it abit different from my etude house princess jewelry highlighter this one if you swatch it you can see the shimmer glitter on the highlighter i have to say IT'S SUPER GORGEOUS...

other way to use this highlighter:

1. you can use it as a body shimmer

2. you can use it on your lips and then apply sheer lipgloss

3. you can use this as a eyeshadow (on the inner corner of your eyes, if you out of white eyeshadow :P)


to be honest i have only tried the eyebrow pencil all my life. i have tried the automatic one, when i took it out from the box it looked very standard in design but wait a minute wait til you open the liner. they are in a triangle shape, and what it does it makes everything easier for us to draw our brow better. :D

the colour looks very natural, and i love this brow automatic pencil. >.< i think i wont be buying any eyebrow pencil anytime soon, im loving this right now. >.<



okay as some of you guys now i just turned 21 few weeks ago, and eventhough i already own one silver key necklace but i still want to get another one after i saw this necklace design on their website. lilies shop sells not only lioele make up brand, but they also sells circle lenses, wig, accessories, and clothing.

their accesories design are just like the ones that online shop in korea were selling, if you are into kpop drama you have to check their website out! the sells KPOP DRAMA INSPIRED NECKLACE! ^_^

now on to the review

the quality of the necklace is good, they silver is well coated. i love how the details on this necklace they are so pretty, it has a little crystal and mini crown on it and just so pretty.

it would be even better if it is abit shorter, but then again it look good even now wearing this necklace regardless their necklace length

that's all for my review, if you have any questions please drop on the comment bellow

you can purchase these items at:


have a great day everyone! <3

sunny the bunny *being cheesy* >.<