Tuesday, December 28, 2010


hi everyone!

sorry for not posting for few weeks, i am thinking of doing another fashion blogging but i havent been able to do it for this couple of weeks. there are slightly a new turn on my school application just want to let you all know, that i might not be schooling in korea. i would be schooling in other country. I could not tell you where i am planning to apply, like the possible country im going to. cos if i tell you all in advance normally they wont happen *being superstitious* just something i always had with me, everytime i tell my friends my plan or tell many people it always never come true..

but dont worry as soon as i get my ticket *which is SOON in one month* i will let you all know about it.
I'm pretty excited right now *only for few minutes* cos most of the time would be stressing for my pre college tuition. such a hassle.

i wonder why school tuition have to be so expensive..., oh fyi i my parents wont be paying for my tuition...this is why i am really having a huge headache right now.

anyways enough from the pre college funding drama...i have finished my TOEIC exam! yaay! finally, i finished the exam. this time people who sat for this test were not that many. so the class was pretty quiet.

which is better cos i could concentrate.

sooo~~~ how was your xmas celebration guys? my xmas celebration were just cake, and candies. since i did not get any present it was a plain boring xmas.

but i am 100% sure you guys had a blast ^^. got alot of pressies right? hihi tell me what you all got for xmas, drop the comment okies?

anyways..gotta sleep! nite nite PPYONG PPYONG (kiss kiss -in korea slang)

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