Sunday, December 5, 2010

surprise present for my cousin and my bestfriend dian on the making

yay this is the receipt of the ems package i sent to my bestie

and i used this as lovely heart sticker as one of the decoration ofcourse

the necklace for my cousin comes with pretty red packaging

the necklace for my cute..and its sterling silver <3

this is actually a letter adorable isnt it..i wrote it to my cousin..and got a simillar one for my friend as well..but i couldnt take a picture for i what i got her.., until she receive the package i will ask her to upload a picture on her facebook acount ^^


  1. Awe, that letter paper is just way too cute!
    I had some Makura Doubutsu (Pillow Animal) letter stationary, but my dog hit the table and spilled all over it~ :[

    That necklace is so great *o* <3

  2. aww well i could send it to you next time tho if u want to ? <3 but not this month or next month cos i am having major money crisis right now with all my online shop business starting up and my swap with other utubers ^^ but i will let you know...aww you are soo sweet thanks doll...^^ nice to meet ya on blogger btw <3